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To Honour Moss.


By lulu33


The closer I gaze upon moss, the smaller I wish to be. To walk amongst the velvety greeness, to smell it’s sheer beauty. I love moss, simple.
Reminded by Mossy’s photograph of moss, cultivated in that wonderfully lush and verdant garden, I took an early morning walk in the woods in search of the fallen bough.

A circle of moss, what a creation.

After some time looking ‘down’ I just had to stretch and look up!

Mushroom from ground level

And breakfast!!

I wondered what this was from a distance, in fact it gave me a bit of a scare……A balloon………!

Dear Prudence who stayed by my side for the mossy part of the walk

And Sluggypup, who didn’t stay by my side but who returned eventually after a few whistles as did Jazz.

Nearly out of the woods……..

Love the drill lines in the field in the morning light.

Thirsty pups, they always drink from this waterbutt in the paddock.

And Milliepuss greets me………….Breakfast time!

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I forgot to add poem called 'MOSS' rather appropriate!
by Bruce Guernsey
'How must it be
to be moss,
that slipcover of rocks?-

greening in the dark,
longing for north,
for silence
of birds gone south.

How does moss do it,
all day
in a dank place
and never a cough?-

a wet dust
where light fails,
where the chisel
cut the name.

18 Oct, 2011


that is a lovely blog lulu, i love moss too, and trees, beautiful dogs too!!

18 Oct, 2011


o wow, lovely.. I love mosses as well. and lichens;-)
nice poem - mosses are definitely different.
It's sooo windy today here in Wales, hope it will calm down in the afternoon so I could go for a walk as well:)
The tree and the grass - it was in RHS Wisley in one of those show gardens- think it was 2009. Hope it is still there, but you know how they like to change the display gardens...

18 Oct, 2011


Very nice Loulou!

18 Oct, 2011


What lovely blog hen! Lovely to see all that moss!
And the dogs enjoying themsleves too..what a lovely walk..lovely countryside..I envy you!
Beautiful poem too :))))))))

18 Oct, 2011


Thanks Peeps. It was a very beautiful, dank and wonderful walk in the woods. Also Inspired by Kasy's wooded blog..

18 Oct, 2011


oh, thank Lulu - my collegue from work just moved recently near me. She's got a lovely black labrador, I offered to take him for a walks - did it only once so far - as he is not used to walking on a lead... I was dragged, lol. only when I started to run I was up to his speed, lol. so not much chances of dog walking and taking pics, lol...

18 Oct, 2011


what a fantastic moss too and the scene you paint in the woods is great..and if you believe in fairies im sure that wood contains some..hehe

i found one of those balloons recently in the field next to my paddock and it said ring me..the name..wait for it Mrs L Moss..true..

the poem is great too..feel compelled to offer this to this great blog..

Soft moss a downy pillow makes, and green leaves spread a tent,
Where Faerie fold may rest and sleep until their night is spent.
The bluebird sings a lullaby, the firefly gives a light, The twinkling
stars are candles bright, Sleep, Faeries all, Good Night.

18 Oct, 2011


thanks for that Guy. Is that poem from Midsummer nights dream?
That's strange about the balloon!!!

18 Oct, 2011


Kasy, know the feeling when our 3 are on a lead, which is not often thank goodness!

18 Oct, 2011


Honouring moss ?

I award this blog the MBE ...

Moss Beautiful Everywhere ;o)

18 Oct, 2011


What a wonderful blog Lulu, I don`t think we honour the great outdoors enough. I just adore Trees and gladly we have a beautiful wood just 10 mins away.
Loved your poem Skips have put it in my favourite poems album.

18 Oct, 2011


Moss in a shady woodland in winter always gives me such a sense of hope. It's the brightness of the green on the darkest of days. Wonderful! :) Thanks Lulu!

18 Oct, 2011


Lovely blog and photos

18 Oct, 2011


Superb - love moss - I wanted it to grow on the rocks near waterfall but too sunny - looks nice around the trees - really nice nature blog :)))))))))))))))))))

18 Oct, 2011


"I take delight in kind to pay thee back.
Let softest moss thy extra garment be."

Then touched the angel bark, and bud, and leaf,
And soft green moss suffused it o'er and o'er : From 'The Moss Rose', J.H.Chant.

Love this poem too Lu. You are bringing out our english lit. lessons here! great blog Lu. I adore moss too, do you still have the photo of the old boots covered in moss? I love those.

18 Oct, 2011


Oh GM, that's lovely, thanks, enjoyed reading that poem.
Paul, no shade in my garden either, only moss is in the lawn!!
Thanks Terra, an MBE eh! Does that mean anything in GoY language?!
KS and Stroller, the woods are so magical and the pups love them too. There were pheasants flying everywhere this morning!

18 Oct, 2011


lovely blog and poem lulu, i like to look at the moss to, it just adds to the beautifull trees and rocks :o)

18 Oct, 2011


It's amazing stuff, moss, like soft carpet. I've got a concrete garden frog beside my pond that is almost covered with moss - it looks great. My OH offered to clean it off??? what - no leave it alone. lol

18 Oct, 2011


like your poem too Guy :)))

18 Oct, 2011


Agree a lovely blog, lover of mosses too. I remember years ago when I was in Japan many of the gardens there had moss instead of grass.
I do like the texture, green and well a bit like, hmmm whats the name ah yes..chutney.

PS that isn't a balloon its part of the fuselage of an alien ship

18 Oct, 2011


Smart a** Stevie ;)

18 Oct, 2011



18 Oct, 2011


I think you mean Smart ar** Lil ; )

18 Oct, 2011


Na she's American Stevie lol

19 Oct, 2011


Well that balloon was kind of tricky on the mind for a wee while!

19 Oct, 2011


Nah Pixi -she's Canadian... lol

19 Oct, 2011


shh Pixi, some Canadians get very offended about being taken for our American friends

You say potato, I say patattah
you say ar** I say a**
potato patattah, ar** a**
let's call the whole

19 Oct, 2011


or chutney

19 Oct, 2011


LOL Stevie, very funny!

19 Oct, 2011


You are bang on the money Stevie! We have a series of very cool beer commercials here where the theme is 'I Am Canadian!' So popular bc I think it struck at our core of insecurity :)

19 Oct, 2011


your mean struck at our Coors ; ) dont worry anything you can do we can do better and when it comes to insecurity we rule!!

19 Oct, 2011



19 Oct, 2011


It is a lovely blog with beautiful pictures and I really like the poem. I often take a walk in the forest and love the feel and smell of the moss which makes me feel so relaxed.

20 Oct, 2011


Oooops! Sorry muxed up lol
Anway it would be er** up here Stevie! ;)

21 Oct, 2011


Oh yes moss is wonderful. I like to walk on a mossy bog - all spongey and bouncy :o) And I like to see it on things like old trees and old walls :o)

21 Oct, 2011


Another moss-lover here. Loving the poetry and the comedy too.

27 Oct, 2011

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