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By lulu33



I wish an ending of sorts.
Then, bright light and gentle rain.
Plant seeds in the Earth
An end to glory vain.

I wish Africa returns to feminine glory,
That Russia understands the power of it’s size.
America knows the true meaning of God and good,
That Britain does all it should to become great.

I wish The Amazon to share it’s healing with the world.
All evil understood and back through the darkness be hurled.

And say, Dear God, Goddess and all that IS
Let our greed be based on a need to know Love.
That we dare to care, to give, to receive and bow down low.

It’s time we knew, time to remember.
The Sun won’t be with us forever.
For this earth WILL be blown away one day,
Maybe not as far away as we think!
Let that not happen with us all still disbelieving
Who we are.

There have been legacies and promises,
Enlightened, lonely souls and Avatars.
They said it was simple…..
Maybe the meercats are trying to tell us something!

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Love this Lou, who wrote it? Love the line ''Let our greed be based on a need to know Love''. x

21 Dec, 2012


Thanks GM. It was my ode to the Mayan prophesy!

21 Dec, 2012


wow lulu, you are clever, thats so thought provoking, there are some really beautiful, caring thoughts in there, i shall save it in my favourites to look back on, pause and think.

21 Dec, 2012


Glad you liked it Sticki :))

21 Dec, 2012


you have so many amazing talents! im so impressed, wish i could do things like that

21 Dec, 2012


I bet you could write something too...............

21 Dec, 2012


yes ~ but it has very limited appeal ~ probably for under 4s only!

21 Dec, 2012


Lou, clever girlie, its beautiful......maybe write it on stone and surround with mosaic.

21 Dec, 2012


yes GM thats a brilliant idea

21 Dec, 2012


Much food for thought and truths in your poem Lulu....sure I too will return to this in times to come.A great idea to set in stone.....:)

21 Dec, 2012


This is wonderful Lulu :o)

Bonkersbon ! Haven't seen you for ages ...

21 Dec, 2012


Hi Hywel.....been very busy at work but back now in time for Christmas ! Hoping to be back posting very soon....

21 Dec, 2012


Welcome back then !
And Merry Christmas :o)

21 Dec, 2012


The same back to you Hywel...thank you....:)

21 Dec, 2012


Thank you too :o)

21 Dec, 2012


Great poem ...
Merry Christmas Lulu and Best Wishes for 2013 xx.

22 Dec, 2012


Love the poem ,meaningful to me Lulu:-)))))))

22 Dec, 2012


Thank you Junna X And Linclass x

23 Dec, 2012


Gone in my favourites. Thank you for expressing so beautifully for us what many of us feel. Best wishes for 2013.

28 Dec, 2012


Best wishes to you too Scotsgran. x

28 Dec, 2012


Nothing against poems. But since certain time I do not like big words. And I do not believe this earth will be blown away. If it was depending only on secret services and politicians, then yes, it could happen.
Nothing against poems, everybody needs them from time to time. But all important things were, are and will be said in Shakespeare´s Sonets.

2 Jan, 2013


This is my favourite Sonet 66. Very popular in Czechoslovakia during Communism. Very popular among German composers, who escaped to America from Hitler. Each totalitarian era came to this concrete Sonet. I think, we do not read Shakespeare, but Shakespeare reads us long time before we were born.

2 Jan, 2013


Thanks for the link, I don't usually read sonnets.
Sonnet 66 Reminded me of my love of living a short while in a desert in Sinai.
There was something pure and real about gathering fuel and giving life to the morning fire. Also the moon was so was truly dark with no moon or torch!

2 Jan, 2013


As far as I know, Shakespeare didn´t live in desert, but in very busy municipal area :) That´s why his Sonets are much about life and deserts in people.

3 Jan, 2013

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