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You got mail??????????


Hi there everyone
Can anyone tell me why i get e-mails telling me i have messages when ‘there is none?’!!!! creepy or what? Could it be the Christmas goblins getting up to some typical pre-Xmas antics, do you think?
By the by, the beasties that haunted me all through the summer [ be they locusts or giant grasshoppers ] have clearly left the garden for warmer climes, whoopee!
Our winter weather here, kicks in around January, so still have several plants in flower,the best being the strelitzias, cosmos and Grasses/reeds with there huge plumes blowing in the gale-force winds!
One problem we do have, and believe me, we have tried everything, is fennel.It grows everywhere, up to 6 foot high and the root system is Deep!!
Wishing you all a very merry wotsit and a happy new thingy Lynda xxx

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not sure, do you mean for msg`s on GOY if so im having probs with certain areas on here to, when i click seen on my home page , it just comes back even if no comment, just not working right, so iv sent msg to lads to see if its a site problem.

11 Dec, 2011


there was a spammer sneding messages last week and this certainly 'upset' my account. Peter and Ajay will sort it if you send them a message via the 'contact us' button at the bottom of the page you are on Lynda.

11 Dec, 2011


Go to your own page, Lynda, and click on the profile tab.
Click on the update profile link. Scroll down to the box where you entered your e-mail address. Below this are the options for receiving e-mails from GoY to let you know that you have received new comments. You can opt for the "never" option, then click on "update", so you will not get any more.

13 Dec, 2011


Hi Lynda that has been happening to me too. I will try and do what you have suggested David thanks.

14 Dec, 2011


Forgot to add, that the messages in your personal e-mail are only alerts to the fact that you have new comments, etc, on the Goy website, so you would have to log on here to view them. They will not appear in your personal e-mail inbox, only in your GoY inbox, so, you should not be worried by this. By selecting the tab I said above, indicating that you don't want to receive alerts from GOY in your personal e-mail inbox, this will stop.

Personally, I wish I had the option of clicking a 6 monthly reminder, lol!!

Hope that this is of help to you, too, Nana! :-))

14 Dec, 2011


Hello one and all,thanks for the comments, and your advice, David, which i will set up pdq. Its all very confusing for a fuzzy brain like mine,it takes me a while to switch this darn thing on!!
Best wishes , Yule tide greetings etc Lynda

20 Dec, 2011

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