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Another murder


By mad


There are a lot of blackbird fights going on in the garden, and now hubby has found an undeveloped baby bird a little distance from the nest we know is there. The blackbirds are using all their energy chasing each other and fighting. There 4 at once in the garden, and sometimes they do mid-air fighting about 4ft from the ground. I suppose nature dictates that self-preservation and reproducing their own genes comes first, and so killing a competitor’s baby is what they do. It makes us feel sad, but nature is not the sweet gentle thing we sometimes think it is, and romanticise about.

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oh dear Mad i hope the poor thing is ok..and i agree with you on the nature part..:o)

5 May, 2010


How I agree with you Mad ... yesterday at Mums we watched a Magpie and a Crow having a real mid-air clash above the tall hedge nearby .. pretty sure the Magpie won ! On a happier note ... at long last a pair of Greenfinches have discovered my garden 'bird cafe' and were in and out al day ... beautiful to watch them. : o ) )

5 May, 2010


You're quite right Mad. Nature can be very cruel. Beautiful and wonderful ..... but also cruel.

5 May, 2010


Like your new avatar Hywel ! The specs suit you.

7 May, 2010


lol. Thank you. I really do have specs like that, and hair like that , but the photo looks much younger than I really am ;o)

7 May, 2010

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