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Cottisbrooke Plant Fair


Well today was fabulous. I combined my two favourite hobbies, meeting new friends and looking for new plants for my garden..
So I met Mariek and Annella from GOY and the lovely lady who sells heuchera’s (sorry totally forgot her name)

And had a wonder round some very lovely plant stalls

However I was slightly hampered by my tempremental 3 yr old son . Thanks and apologies to Marie and Anna for being so patient as he was’nt at his best behaviour

But he seemed to cheer up when he saw the animals and the houseleeks..

We both loved the woodmans shed but it was kind of expensive starting at £10,000 but it would look great at the bottom of the garden

I bought my fair share of lovely plants

Which I now need to decide where they are going

The eagle eyed will spot the dead ivy on the trees
which needs pulling off now , but its too high
for me so needs a man with a ladder..

Then whilst an exhausted little boy slept on after the car journey home I cut the grass and enjoyed my garden

In all a lovely day and lots of thanks to GOYer’s Anna and Marie for taking to time to meet a fellow member.

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Hi Jane I had a great day, sorry we didn't see you later. We went back and bought the plants we liked then we had a walk around the gardens which were lovely, some very beautiful court yards there. I will put our pic with Vicky on tomoz x
Love the pics of Eddie I thought he did really well

25 Jun, 2011


Hi Jane

You took some good photos today - it's always nice to have a reminder of where you've been.

Edward looks a little cherub in his picture. No wonder he fell asleep as his poor little legs must have walked miles today.

Like you I've yet to decide where to put my plants as I need to clear some more space to accommodate anything new. This will definately spur me on to get it dome more quickly.

We were lucky to have nice weather in the end today weren't we ?

Well - I'm tired and creaky so am off to bed.

Keep in touch and Happy Gardening.

25 Jun, 2011


thanks to you both, it was nice to meet up, albeit briefly..
Its a very beautiful place and stunning gardens.. I'd put my camera back in the car so did'nt get any pictures..
Anna what did you end up buying? You were both really restrained looking first , and buying later. 'm a more impulsive shopper lol..

26 Jun, 2011


Hi Mad, what a lovely day today although I think yesterdays weather was better for walking around. I was restrained and only bought three plants, Achillea 'Saucy Seduction' which I love, Viola Cornuta 'Spider' and geranium 'Elke'. I have planted the Achillea and Viola but need to find a good spot on the slope for 'Elke'.
I've reached the point where just about every space is planted now and some of the prices were very high yesterday so I was a good girl and bought things I had room for.
Hope you are having a good day in the sunshine :0))

26 Jun, 2011


What a lovely garden you have madabout. Isn't it great when you meet new friends like that, and that's a lovely photo of you and Annie at the top. Vicky is the heuchera lady...I think that's who you mean? Grandson is very cute isn't he gets away with all sorts! :))

26 Jun, 2011


Karen ,sorry for the confusion, its me behind the camera, the two lovely ladies are Marie and Anna.. I'm sure they would have disowned Edward if the was a grandchild of thiers though , as he was a little munchin!
Thanks for the compliments on my garden.. Its the main reason we bought the house it comes with as the boys just disappeared into it.. It brings so much pleasure..As I'm sure yours does too its beautiful. I've had a lovely time looking through your pictures ,and there are lots of lovely plant combinations and ideas that are an inspiration..
I used to live in Aberdeen for a number of years and still watch the Beechgrove garden as a relic from my happy years in scotland..

26 Jun, 2011


Karen I will post my pics on Tuesday , I have asked for tomoz off as the weather is brill here at the moment. Madabout is the youngest of us and her little boy is a handsome chap.
Marie in the pic is a lovely lady and I am looking forward to seeing Louis garden with her as he is not far away from us.
We were lucky to meet Vicky ( Plantagogo) who had a stall at the plant fair, I guess a little more relaxed than Chelsea so we could have a long chat.
Jane if you wanted to come too that would be lovely, Louis lives in Rushden.

26 Jun, 2011


oh lovely an invite.. When are you planning on going to see Louis's garden? Can I be cheeky and ask what's his avatar name as I'm not good at linking real names with avatar names yet..

26 Jun, 2011


You girls are having a great time....wish I could join you, but us Scottish girlies are now planning to meet up in Dunfermline some day soon.

Thank you Jane, lovely comments about my garden. It does give me loads of pleasure and I'm glad you got some ideas too!

26 Jun, 2011


Jane his name is Louis on here, the open garden dates are 21 & 22 Aug so plenty of time to plan for it. Maybe you would like to come here too. Louis has a beautiful court yard garden.
Ann x

26 Jun, 2011


Karen , its so nice to hear other GOYer's are meeting up.. Sunday was my first of hopefully many..
Ann please do pencil me in to join you on your girly jaunt in August..

27 Jun, 2011

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