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Great help Son!


Ive not had a lot of time this week to go in the garden as i have been at work,so in my moaning moment my 6ft 2 son age 19 offered to paint the garden wall for me out the back. I was so pleased,he even said he would be paid in cheese & onion crisps! I happy bought the unhealthy and snacks made my way home from work looking forward to the fresh garden wall.
In fairness to him he did have a go and hes painted the wall,then I noticed a 2ft gap all around the bottom that hes not painted? I’m too tall he said it would give me back ache.
Hes left it for a shorter mum to finish!! while hes relaxing eating crisps…

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at least he`s done some of it for you!!

4 Sep, 2010


LMSO bless him that's a cop out if ever i heard one. lads eh.

4 Sep, 2010


Remove the bottom of his crisp packets - lol.
My OH is 6'4" it does have its advantages - I'm 5'2" short. - some disadvantages thou like, I take 2 strides to his one, I always reckon I walk twice as far as him!!!!.

4 Sep, 2010


I agree with you Kf, my OH is 6' 3" and I'm 5' 6" and shrinking each year ! He set out some stepping stones, I came home and would have needed a huge stride to walk over them. Yes, he did re-set them closer to one another for me. : o ))))

4 Sep, 2010


Lol Shirley, I would add never let a tall man hang a mirror - I asked my OH to hang a mirror once when I was at work, I came home and all I could see was the top of my head!!!. Advantages - ceiling painting, getting in the loft, cutting the hedge and reaching the top shelves in cupboards in the kitchen.

4 Sep, 2010


Yes its true that he had a go in the first place, so I cant be too hard on him as he very rarely comes in the garden to help!
Lol Shirley at the giant steps...

4 Sep, 2010

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