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I've always enjoyed pottering in the garden,and have landscaped a few ( I like to design the basics, then ask the experts about the planting!), but I don't know a lot about plants, other than a few herbalist types and the common bedding plants. I hope to create a pretty AND useful cottage garden, my whole garden is 8m x8m, so not a lot of space! I have managed to grow some blackcurrants, gooseberries & rhubarb beside the kitchen door, and one of my raspberry canes is showing signs of life too!
The garden is in transition at the moment, but is starting to look good, if a little bit lacking in plants!!
In my "real" life, I work with adults with learning difficulties, & hope to go back to uni this year (still waiting to know if i've got a place) to study community education.

Just to update, today (5th Aug) I had my Uni interview by phone(!) and I've got a place, YEE HAH!
New update, I'm now at uni, & I thought I was mad, but our lecturers are loopy! They have us playing crazy games every day!!
as far as the garden goes, it's coming on, but I'm planning changes already! Watch this space (or some space!)

I've also just opened my own website, madperth-designs, which I hope to use both to sell my own "ceations" (lol) & to do a little fundraising!
The link to that is below.

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