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Unruly Garden


By maggy7


After being on holiday for six weeks, I have returned to a jungle and total kaos !! I really must sit down and decide what I am going to do so that I dont have to work so hard when I come back.
My family are telling me that I should resort to clearing some shrubs or tree,s and replacing the borders with pebbles and pots! It is getting harder to keep it manageable and everything in the last 12 months seems to have doubled in size, especially my Magnolia Stalata that is starting to grow over the pathway, and my Acers are getting far too big for the garden.

So Im going to be studying other peoples gardens and trying to get idea,s.
Ive even thought of taking photo,s of the Acera and putting them in a small garden centre down the road to me suggesting if someone can dig them up they can take them away.

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Its such a shame when you feel like your not in control anymore, it must have been overwhelming for you, but six weeks is a long time during the growing season without the garden being checked. If I were you I would keep the acers if you're thinking of pebbles and pots, they will provide the height and structure, and they don't produce as much "waste" as the soft leaved growth such as parennials and annuals.

5 Aug, 2010


maggy7 there is a section in Goypedia on low maintenance gardens which may be well worth you looking at.
However, - 6 weeks holiday - wow! you should be bursting with energy!!

5 Aug, 2010


Bursting with energy!! I wish !! 6 weeks touring Germany in or Motorhome ! I still shop and cook, Im glad to get home for a rest lol.

The acers are far too large for pots, one has about 7' spread and must be as tall and the other is about 5x5.

5 Aug, 2010


Maggy, if you look at my first blog on Fourseasons garden, you will see that you can prune your acers and they will take up very little room. Fourseasons cuts them twice a year and they look fabulous. I'm sure if you pm Fourseasons you could get proper advice on it. Do try before getting rid of them:-)

5 Sep, 2010


Thanks you I will take a look, actually one of the three looks as if it dead all the leaves have dried and shrivelled and you can break the branches off it looks very dead to me.

8 Sep, 2010


Oh dear, sounds dead:-(

12 Sep, 2010

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