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the new garden


it has been a long, wet and for me, a cold winter and a chilly spring that is slowly seeing in early summer.
winter was difficult with hospital trips and now back to square one as far as my treatment is concerned.
brian (bjs) knows my garden and when he sees the pictures, he will think what the…………

two phormiums got consigned, as did the euphorbia because of wind and frost damage. a few others did not make the cut either. the amelanchier was relocated.

i also had to consign my climbing rose maigold, because i scratched my hand on it. dash indoors plaster, but i still managed to start a night sweat. check temperature, ok. my chemo regime kills my white blood cells so i am at a serious risk of infection
enough of the bad news. angela and i have decided that we want some colour in the garden, any colour. whether it goes with this or that, i quote rhett butler, “frankly my dear i could not give a damn.”
in the place of maigold came magnolia stelata, going over now, but looked georgeous.

next to it are are my three agapanthus “sungold” and on the inside of the archway are five mixed gladiolus in a tub

on the opposite side of the arch i have three runner beans in a tub with two tubs with the yellow french beans.

before we leave the patio i must show you my new tool shed.
ps i do have a cushion for the seat!

i trimmed the bamboos a) for light and b) for some canes and have planted up the new found spaces with three peonies, two irises a lilly and chucked in a couple of foxgloves that my mate gave me

the gunnera, well padded during the winter is growing well and the big leaf is over two feet wide. all the bamboo canes are marking where i have planted gladiolus corms

following a phone call on friday went into hospital to have my pic line dressing changed as i had developed an alergy to the dressing. now have an alergy free dressing and as a result my activities are now zilch. just to show you that around the other side i have planted two cotoneaster horizontalis

thats all for now chaps, pre-assessment and new dressing for the picc line and a new chemo regime on wednesday. hugs, dave, x

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All the very are doing well to do anything in the garden.
We are about to buy an Alemanchier for our garden. We've been researching for a few months and deciding which tree to buy .

8 May, 2016


Dave so sorry to hear progress has has not been as speedy as hoped ,not worried about the phormiums not a great lover of them anyway.
you take things steady (if that is possible)all the best

8 May, 2016


paul, the ground is soaking wet so cannot get out to see what sort i have.
go and buy one and i will tell you what sort to get!!!!!!!!

8 May, 2016


hi bri,
rather like the thilactrum in that pot outside the greenhouse. i know, it is a crap photo. glad two of the three phormiums went.

8 May, 2016


hope the new regieme has you feeling more like yourself soon. have never really got on with phormiums, fine in other peoples gardens but not in mine.
take it steady wont you.

8 May, 2016


I thought I was odd man out not caring for Phormiums! They are attractive in themselves but I never feel they look at home in an English garden, except perhaps on the south west coast. What a good thing we all like different things or life might be boring!

So sorry to hear you are back on the chemo - all good wishes for that - as Paul says, its surprising you have the energy for any gardening.

8 May, 2016


brian started me off when he came and had a look at my garden. said he did not like phormiums. after he left, decided i did not either!!!!!!!

don't change your mind brian. it is getting rather expensive

steragram, i do a bit and the become totally exhausted. i really do have to have a nap in the afternoon.

seaburn, i still have most of my hair , but with the new chemo expect it will all be gone. think that will be a bit emotional for all concerned. you haven't got any polish, have you?

8 May, 2016


Our ground is quite wet at times so I thought Alamanchier would be OK. Canadensis is the species we've been thinking about!

9 May, 2016


hi paul,
if your garden is not asidic then give it some ericacious compost.

10 May, 2016


Thalictrum looks fine what you would expect early may.would do better in the ground.

10 May, 2016


okay boss

14 May, 2016


Oha ha.....thTs funny Maisiesdad, I picked up some Ericaceous compost when I bought the tree and the nurseryman told me it wasn't necessary. I said that everything I've read says that they prefer neutral to acid soil and he said that it grows fine in his heavy clay on the alkaline side (just along the road from us).....see my new blog!!

14 May, 2016

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