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I would just like to start by saying Happy New Year! and I hope you will all enjoy taking a little trip down memory lane with me. Well it has been an interesting gardening year has’nt it, well in the UK anyway lol so here’s a little recap at what I have been up to during 2008…It has been a really eventful year in my garden, we moved to the new house December 2006, and inherited a complete overgrown waste ground, with falling down sheds, cement bases, building rubble, 2 manky falling down apple trees complete with caterpillar insfestaions, – in the middle of the lawn, well i say lawn, thats a very loose discription of what we had. and practically every nasty weed you can imagine – in your worst nightmeres! so most of 2007 was spent on demolition, removal, cutting back, weeding, digging, improving soil and getting to grips with how i wanted the garden to look, basically starting from scratch with the expection of 2 nice lilac trees, a forsythia, and not forgetting my prize find under the 10ft weeds, – my beautiful Pieris….so heres what has happend in 2008!


well looking much neater now, got the greehouse in and a trellis pannel hiding the washing line area, a few beds cut out along the sides, some planting done, grass looking quite healthy, but all looking very bare and boring….

One or two highlights of January…..

My beautiful Witch Hazel in flower….

And there was this lovely Bergenia


As I remeber as frosty February, – as you would expect, also the arrival of my new trellis Rose arch up the back, – not really looking right as it is, but still a work in progress….

but lack of funds for that one, so I set to another little project of the year…Brookes play house!

I had already covered John next door’s dumping area behind his shed, by putting up this willow screening, which I think looks quiet effective, and makes a good back drop for my princesses play area. so next job levelling the ground, getting out weeds and digging out a flat surface for the base…

there!…also found some left over block paving bricks to make a little flower bed joining onto the woodland bed, ,,,,,,now for the other side….

I enlisted an extra pair of hands…..

All done!…..

I think she likes it…..

We also started off a few veggies in her new raised veggie bed..

And now for some highlights of the month……

Viburnum tinus

Viola ‘Joker’

Crocus vernus ‘Pickwick’

Narcissus ‘Tete Tete’


Lots of things starting to spring into life now….

Salix ‘Flamingo’

View from left hand side of the patio

Acer plamatum ‘Orange Dream’

Pieris AKA Mountain Flame, in flower…

….and close up…mmmmmmm lovely…I do love this plant!

A few early sowings in the greenhouse…

yep all doing very nicely……mmmmmm……or so i thought, but that is a story for another blog!

A few of Brookes raddishes starting to sprout…

all in all spring seems to be on the way early…….

and then whoops…..spoke to soon….

….Still only a light dusting, gone within a few hours, nothing to worry about!….now back to spring……

Tulip ‘Balalaika’

Right hand side of the patio

Lovely Polyanthus in winter basket

Foysythia – Golden Bells

Narcissus ‘Replete’

Puschkinia scilloides – Striped Squll

and another little project…revamping the woodland bed….

Added a few stepping stones going through, to make it easier to get to the back of the bed for weeding ect. and just for display stood some pots on the stepping stones for a bit of seaonal hieght and colour..


Days are getting longer and warmer,,,,mmmmmm,,,,lovely spring…..

Daffodil display in right hand bed – Narcissus ‘Quince’, ‘Replete’ and ‘Rip van Winkle’

Erythronium dens-canis – Dog Tooth Violet

Pieris new growth – can see why it is called ‘Mountain Flame’

Front garden, Spring display under my front window

Cherry Blossom, it’s in next doors garden, but hangs over my woodland bed nicely!

….and I just can’t get enough of this plant…can you tell it’s my favorite! lol
Summer baskets getting an early start….

…a risk taker I may be but not completely daft……a bit of protection…just incase…..

another little project….digging out a small bed infront of the patio….

mmmmm concrete under the grass, was’nt expecting that!…no wonder the grass tends to go a bit yellow in the summer in this area!

….but not one to be defeated…..

….nearly there!

and the arrival of my new bench….

…and things seem to be doing well in the greenhouse….

Really looking forward to the easter bank holiday…might even get onto that ongoing project in the front garden….

…Spring is in the air…




Oh dear, there goes my foot in my mouth……Easter bank holiday weekend – late April…..

…..What a suprise!…still doubt it will settle…surely not this time of year!…

….Me and my big mouth!…..

Still Brooke is enjoying it, and she does get to build her very first snowman…

…….and on to May…..


Now thats much more like it…..

I moved this beautiful low growing Rhododendron from my last garden, it really is stunning, flowers open pink, but fade to a peachy colour, lovely effect!

Woodland Bed…coming up nicely.

Armeria xpseudarmeria ‘Joystick’

Managed to get that front garden project finished…

and the other side of my postage stamp size front garden.

The playhouse getting plenty of use….

does anyone remeber a 70/80’s kids TV show called ‘The Red Hand Gang’?…

Azalea ‘Golden Flaire’

Left hand bed

Right hand bed

Cottage bed


Really starting to fill out and take shape now…

Yep coming along really nicely…

Cottage bed in full swing…

Wild bird area, infront of first trellis on left hand side

Cottagae bed, – corner in front of the greenhouse

Strawberry wall baskets doing nicely

Clematis tangutica

Righ hand bed filling out nicely

Containers and baskets doing well…

Looks like the fleece covers really paid off…

My new half barrel planter in the corner of the patio


During July we have the event of the year….Brookes Birthday! and given the fact that it rained most of the month, not as much time in the garden i would have liked, but we did get out there here and there….

Colourful summer display in the centre of the right hand bed

Left hand bed

Front garden containers looking lovely….just goes to show how much difference a few pots can make to a boring paved area!

Right hand side of the garden – from the corner of the patio

Summer baskets – a big sucess

Washing line bed coming into action

Left hand corner at the back of the garden…just look at that Crocrosmia!

New front garden bed…that big red Rose in the centre, was actually a little pot/patio rose, with tiny flowers that had black spot, that rescued it from the shop i work, after valentines day. I gave it some TLC and look at the result, now stands approx 3ft-4ft high and the flowers are 3-4" across, and the scent is wonderful!

MMMMMM dispite the rain, all coming along very nicely…


More rain….but still going strong…

Pink perfection going on in the washing line bed

Echinacea ‘Green Envy’

Emilia coccinea ‘Scarlet Magic’ – Tassle Flower/Floria’s Paintbrush

View from the left side of the patio, new bed in front of the patio, and right hand bed

Sunny yellows in the corner of the woodland bed – shame there is no sun in the sky! lol


New winter baskets, the summer ones lovely as they were, gave up early due to all the rain.

Still lots going strong though!

Rose ‘Alpine Sunset’

David Austin Rose ‘Rhapsody In Blue’

Right hand side of the garden

Salix ‘Flamingo’

Left hand bed – had a bit of a sorting out, so looking a bit bare now.


Well quite a lot of work for me in October…..

Trellis went in at the other side of the washing line area, with a new curved bed inplace of Brookes veggie bed which was’nt a huge sucess.

and the start of another revamp in the woodland bed, and yes more trellis…

reshape of the beds along the right hand side, – need more room for all thougs extra plants i keep buying.

and a bit of a reshape on the left hand side to match….

yep really liking the new shape…

nice bit of autumn colour in this corner of the patio with Phormium ‘Jester’, and ornimental grasses

winter baskets doing well..


Really coming along now…..but still more to do….

Trellis all in..

Right hand bed

View from left corner of patio



all snugged up for the winter…..

So there you have it my gardening year…i have just realised how long this blog is…sorry about that….it’s a real monster, i had’nt intended something of this size when i started at 9am this morning lol – think i may have got a bit carried away – hope you don’t mind lol…..possibly the biggest on GOY yet? Ajay and Peter you’ll have to let me know on that…well if anyone is still reading this and managed to get to the end, i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have enjoyed writing it, having a look back over the last year, all my adventures, sucesses and failiures and how i got from this….
January 2008

to this…..
December 2008

in the space of a year!

Fairly good going i think….ofcourse i have a few things in the pipeline for 2009….so watch this space


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absolutely lovely garden and pictures, well done to you!
happy New Year! looking forward to seeing more of your garden in the spring, maybe before that.

31 Dec, 2008


I really enjoyed looking at your garden, through the year Angie ,my how time flies i can remember lots of your projects .Look forward to seeing what you have planed for 2009 .Happy New Year to you and you little family ...

31 Dec, 2008


A great record and very interesting to read - well done!

31 Dec, 2008


Enjoyed seeing the transformation. Happy New Year!

31 Dec, 2008


Great record of your garden through the year. Must have taken ages to organise all the photos. Happy New Year to you Angie and your family.

31 Dec, 2008


You're creating your own paradise! Enjoy it, it is lovely!

31 Dec, 2008


You are creating your own paradise. Enjoy it, it is lovely!

31 Dec, 2008


Oh you should put this recap in a photobook so you will always be able to look back to the first year in your new garden. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year to you and your family!

31 Dec, 2008


Well i am so glad that you all made it to the end lol, and thank you, i really enjoyed writing this, glad you enjoyed the read, - and yes it did take a while, it all started when my friend came over yesterday, and we were doing some stuff on the PC - which is currently running very slow, she asked if i had done any 'house keeping' recently - well my response was - 'well i dust it every now and then' lol - yes not exactly a whizz on the PC lol. so anyway we started sorting through my many files, and this is how i come to write this blog. there are thousands of them! this is just a fraction of them, but i still managed to get carried away with myself. had it of not been for GOY, i problerly would'nt have had any of them! and yes Nancy i will do that, - think i will have to wait till my friend comes round again - as i would proberly end up deleting them all by on that note,,,, there is a glass of wine with my name on..calling out to me.......HAPPY NEW YEAR, chat soon in 2009! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

31 Dec, 2008


Well done, you can be very proud of all your hard work, your garden looks great. Happy New Year.

1 Jan, 2009


Thanks Ams, all in all i have been very pleased with the results, lots more plans to improve it though lol Happy new year!

1 Jan, 2009


Watching the birds in my garden and had a guided tour round yours and all in the warm,now thats the way to do it,Happy New Year,,,,,,,,,,.

1 Jan, 2009


lol, glad you enjoyed the tour Lincslass, it is quite mild here today, no frost this morning, so me and Brooke have been out there mulching - well i have been mulching - she has been playing with her new bubble making bike that santa bought her this year, and laying on her back on her inflatable bed making shapes out of the clouds - oh bless, what it is to be 3 1/2, not a care in the world, laughing and singing to herself. - she is now in the bath washing all the mud off. lol

1 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year to you and your family Angie...
I enjoyed the tour and your beautifil photos. You're lucky to be working in your garden on January 1st. Quite a contrast to my garden which is presently burried under about 15 inches of snow. ENJOY !

1 Jan, 2009


Thanks Mike, i will, mild again today, so have a bit more to do out there, hopefully this current mild weather, will not mean we get our winter late like we did last year! lol

2 Jan, 2009


Fantastic way of displaying pics of the year. I might pinch youre idea in March when I have been here a year.

I like the extra trellis panel, and the way it narrows the garden in the middle. Plenty of colour too, with lots of interesting plants.

Have a good 2009. Happy gardening.

3 Jan, 2009


Go for it Trees, i really enjoyed writing this blog, it was great looking back over all my hard work, and what a difference, did'nt realise just how much it has changed, all them little weekend projects that i forgot about. look forward to reading yours in March.

3 Jan, 2009

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