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Zombie Rock Rose Dilema........


Hi all, I know I have’nt blogged for quite a while, – sorry about that just been really busy. Part 6, of my garden projects blog is on the way, but you have to actually do the work in the garden before you can blog about it don’t you lol….

….Anyway this blog is proberly more of a question, but as I have more than one picture, I thought it would be easier like this….

…getting back to the point, I bought a Rock Rose collection (Helianthemum apenninum) from T&M year before last, well when they arrived they were a little on the dead side, to say the least. I had waited ages for them to arrive so was really very peeved by this, T&M did refund my money, and I just plonked them in the greenhouse with distaiste – just incase…..

….Low and behold a few months later, 4 out of the 5 did come back from the dead! But by this time I had lost the lables and mixed them all up anyway. I managed to get 3 out of the 5 names, but did’nt know which was which as no pictures. The names I have are as follows:

‘Ben Fhada’,
‘Pink Angel’ and
‘Ben Ledi’.

I have got to the bottom of ‘Pink Angel’ thanks to Spritz ;-) and is’nt she a beauty!

1) Pink Angel

Was hoping that someone out there in the wonderful world of Grows on You, may be able to reconise and ID the others for me….. thank you so much x

2) ???

3) ???

4) and now for the real mystery…….

This one seems to have 3 colours all on one plant….

I am guessing that it is actually 3 different plants intermingled, but I am just guessing, maybe there is a variety that does have tri-coloured flowers like this?

and here is a close up of the 3 colours……..

……Pale Pink


I am very pleased with all of them, after all they did come back from the dead for me., but would really love to know which is which,…any help or imput would be most appreciated.


…..mmmm… thanks for that imput Brooke, a very good impression of the un-dead…..but not really the sort of imput i was hoping for… lol

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Cant help as regards the names but they certainly look healthy now and the three intermingling look very effective, bet your glad you didn,t just throw them out at the time ,we all need a little nurturing sometimes and yours paid off this time plus you got your money back....

21 May, 2009


thanks Lincslass, and yes i had a right result did'nt I, it really is a miricle that they came back, i think i just forgot about them, i often do things like that, i think i kept them and put them in the back of the greenhouse the first place incase T&M wanted me to return them, then just forgot they were there until i cleaned out the greenhouse...then low and behold.

21 May, 2009


Thats a very good impression indeed hehe bless her heart

good luck with your quest

x x x

21 May, 2009


lol brooke well good impression,, cant help with names ang.. sorry

21 May, 2009


The white could be The Bride, googling reveals that the yellow one is probably Ben Fhada, deep pink must be Ben Ledi, the other pink is more difficult though!

I love the photo of Brooke! lol

21 May, 2009


Very lovely Rock Roses there Maj.....don't have them myself though and don't know the names..........Like that little Rose at the end though, my daughter has one very similar.......:o)

21 May, 2009


thanks all and Madmum, - your a star - the bride does sound familiar...i think that is defo it. i am not sure which pinks you mean, do you mean no 2 or no 4- the one that is tri- coloured? thanks for all your help.

21 May, 2009


Could the pale pink one be 'Wisley Pink' AKA 'Rhodanthe Carneum'???

22 May, 2009


it is possible Spritz, i really don't know to be honest it does'nt ring a bell. so do you think i am right in thinking number 4 is 3 plants intermingled and not a really unusual plant that flowers 3 colours then? lol

22 May, 2009


Yes - I really can't see that one Helianthemum plant could produce three different colours!

22 May, 2009


thats what i thought, it's clever though is'nt it, as the flowers are pretty much exactly the same type and form just different could be fogiven for thinking they are all on the same plant could'nt you.

24 May, 2009


Only just found your Rock Rose blog - Yellow I would say is Ben Fhada, deep pink with darker centre (is it scarlet?) ought to be Ben Ledi as all the "Bens" seem to have a dark centre, white is probably The Bride. Take a look at for a wonderful way of identifying them.

8 Jun, 2009


thanks Shirley, will do :-)

14 Jun, 2009


I read an article by Alan Titchmarsh somewhere recently and he did say that there's a Helianthemum that has different coloured flowers on it. I was in the Dr's Surgery at the time... I didn't have anything to write on and couldn't tear the page out in public, could I??

14 Jun, 2009


mmmm well that is interesting, i will have to do some more research on that. however, i have since discovered a few babies appearing around the base of a couple of the rock roses that i have, so i think they do also self seed the babies have'nt flowered as yet but if they are all different it is also possible that this plant is just 3 different ones that self seeded them selves

15 Jun, 2009


I wasn't as lucky, I bought the same collection two last year from T&M and mine were virtually dead when I got them. I potted them on and left them in my coldfram,e for months but not one grew. I was very annoyed and have not bought any plants from T&M since.
What a pretty little flower your bottom photo is !!!(Ha Ha)

18 Jun, 2009


Paul, I have given T&M one last chance this year, after two years of dud plants but although I got some good little Gauras, the Coreopsis are hopeless and I shall also give up on them!

18 Jun, 2009


i dont blame you Spritz, i have vowed never to use them again, and did you get your money back Paul? - i did, so i had a right result really. Jparker are usually much better, but they have been rubbish this year too, i have had to complain about everything i have bought so far, and the Geranium Laura i ordered and paid for they were unable to send at all, and months later decided to refund me. :-/

18 Jun, 2009


No, Ang, I didn't bother. I know I should have!

18 Jun, 2009


never mind Paul lesson lernt for next time..... i would'nt use the again.

19 Jun, 2009


Oooo - I love Heleniums! Sorry if s'one above has already said, but number 2 will be Ben Ledi as I have that one. Hope that helps!

11 Dec, 2009

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