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Did I ever tell you about my shed…the one I inherited when I moved house. It looked ok from the outside, but once the door was opened the truly hideous nature revealed itself. One tiny window..facing the back of the neighbours shed, and boarded up, no light permitted to enter. No shelves. no hooks…but on the plus side, plenty of spiders. Not your ordinary spider who scuttles away to a dark corner when disturbed. Oh no, these monsters take a run at you when their hidey holes were destroyed…these monsters, the size of dinner plates…ok I exagerate, the size of egg cups…run at you, legs waving. Yup I beat a hasty retreat on more than one occasion. Not normally worried by creepy crawlies, these shed invaders were prositively aggresive.
So…..I suffered the shed for a year. Unable to do anything in it, resorting to using the spare room as my potting shed, giving a whole new meaning to the term bedding plants!!
It had to go…so go it did, complete with 2 wasps nests…not happy…REALLY not happy…and a big hole in the floor I managed to fall into, tacticly covered up with spare roofing felt by the ex-owners!!!
3 nights of strenuous work ensued…I ached in places I didn’t know I had…ouch!! Digging out soil, moving gravel, pinning back the soil from the veggies…large sleepers installed…I am starting to look like Popeye!! Must say tho, all that hard work gave me some good night’s sleep zzzzzzzzz
I am deliriously happy now….new shed has been installed, all the plants are now happy in their home, just waiting for the sun to finally start warming the garden enough for them to move outside. Ok, so it cost the same as a good holiday somewhere warm…but hey, I can always move in for a week during the summer…may even rent it out for additional income :-)

Living on a 45 degree slope made for alot of digging out…but it is all worth it now…thanks must go to my pal Ally for helping and the guys from Gillies and hour to put it up…took us longer to dispatch the old one!!

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Worth it in the end though lovely new shed!

14 May, 2010


It's a great shed and it looks quite big. I'm glad you got rid of the old one.

14 May, 2010

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