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The labours continue..


Well the summer (such as it was…June’s heatwave seems like a long long time ago..) has now gone, and Autumn is upon us. 1 weeks the choice is go abroad and lie in the sun, or spend it at home slaving on the ski slope? No choice really…let the labours commence.
Right first things first..I bought a garden bench on ebay…a nice wee 2 seater, complete with dinky little cushion.. so get it assembled so that I have somewhere to sit when the limbs start to ache. Trouble is where the seat is going is currently filled up with baby strawberry plants..taken from the mummy plants bought at Aldi earlier this year. So….I have to get the strawberry plot finished before I can put up the seat…and that is the hardest work…digging out turf, bit of carpentry and lots of manuring. Aaaaarrrgh…where do I begin?

First day is spent sitting on the back step looking and thinking. Us ladies are good at multi tasking…looking and thinking AND drinking cider at the same time…all whilst admiring the newly cut and edged lawn.
day 2…procrastining over…into the ski slope lawn and dig…and dig some more…quick trip to the skip with the “turf/weeds”..pick up free compost…more digging, skip, dig, skip…are you getting the picture here..and to add insult to injury this fandabydozy new house doesn’t even have a bath to lie back in after a day slogging one’s muscles to a pulp
Day 3…after a couple of skip runs it was off to work to pick up some recycled wood…carefully measured after drawing the plans…strawberry plot adjoining the new rhubarb patch…back home all excited…yee hah… emmmmm…lets just say that us ladies, pardon the sweeping statement…are not cut out for joinery..even the basics…
1 nail bent, 1 nail into place straight, 1 nail broken (that was a girly cuticle type nail) 1 nail missed and thumb hit instead…OUCH Trying to even up the slope with not only runs north/south but east/west as well…I only have so many brain cells, and that taxed all of them at once!! Frstrating doesn’t even begin to describe it..I swear the wee bubble in the spirit level had gone on holiday, cause try as I might I couldn’t find it..:-)))
6pm job done…and although it is not perfect..kinda has a wee kinky skewiff sorta look…I like to call it rustic..he he 6.30 strawberry plants settled into their new home with threats of all sorts of nasties if they don’t survive and produce enough fruit next year…people do talk to their is threatening them the same thing??
7pm….seat assembled and moved into position…7.10 beer popped and settled down to look at the hard work…ok ok..I admit it was cold and blowing a hooley..hypothermia beckoned…but I just had to christen the seat!!! Roll on next summer..rhubarb and strawberry jam, just not in the same pot!! lol

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You had me going there with talk of a ski slope but I see what you mean,it gives your garden character.Job well done and they`ll grow all the better because you chatted to them. Where`s pic of your seat? would have been nice to see that.........

23 Sep, 2009


I'll get the hound to sit on it and take a pic tomorrow!!

23 Sep, 2009


Why are there lines through one of the paragraphs?? brain cell is so knackered I can't work it out :-))

23 Sep, 2009


Could still read it Maranddar. Nice to have a comfy seat when the teas ready!.

23 Sep, 2009


Great blog Maranddar, see what you mean about the slope. As for the lines through your text, Check the text of your blog you may have put an asterix or someting similar at the beginning of the day3 paragraph.

23 Sep, 2009


Thank you Bobq...there was an unwanted bracket lurking at the start of the paragraph!!! All gone now...

24 Sep, 2009


Wow, you've worked hard, Mar!
How's the back?? Good job done though! And at least you can have a seat (if Dar lets you!)

24 Sep, 2009

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