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,Hello thank you for answering my question on broad beans.Sorry i took so long to reply,I am retired 2 years and grow all my tubs,to be very honest i am not to sure if I am going about this the write way as it can be a bit of a hit or miss with me using the computer .I had written a lot about myself here afew weeks ago and it took me quite a while,i asked my husband to add this picture of our dog milo
and in diong so he lost all that i had written.well i lcould not believe it and nethier good he .My back garden is raised by 4 differant levels,the first is only 1foot wide by22feet,2nd level 2fewet above,and 5feet wide3 level 4feet above which is quite large and paved and one have of it is the shape ofa horse shoe the last level is 4feet above whiich is in grass .the 2 ltop levels are devided with white painted walls and the two below devided with large pale yellow flag stones Ihope this gives a picture of my back garden. I have a fruit gage which my husband made for me this year.In side it i have rasberry canes, red currants ,blackcurrants ,3 young blue berry bushes plus my broad bean s ,peas and strawberries, iI am very disapointed with my straw berries ,they are three years old and have few fruit and the largest leaves i have ever seen could some one tell me why. i have lots of questions to ask as i keep trying to grow lots of veg and some thing allways goes wrong.thats all for now bye margaret


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