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By marge


Hi, my garden club started again this week. My husband decided he would come too! He thinks I am having too much fun on my own.

It was nice to see people again after the Christmas break, they made us very welcome. The Club is actually in a small village hall a few miles from where we live. All the members are mostly from their village, so all know each other well.

The Chairman outlined the next three months’ happenings, the most exciting a trip the The Harlow Carr Nursery at Harrogate (It’s an RHS place), in March. So we put our names down. There was a “money in the bank” slot, and the big discussion point was, is it o.k., to collect the soil from mole hills or, was it against the law? There seemed to be agreement it may be better to be a bit discreet about it, and not take it from outside the Town Hall!

The evening rounded of with tea/coffee and biscuits. I never eat between meals, but husband had 2 Biscuits! After some chatter, it was time to go home, we had been out the house less than two hours.

The next morning my husband said he thought it had been too exciting for him, he got to ask and answer questions, meet lots of people, pig out on two biscuits and be home before 8,3 0p.m.. This from a party animal who likes been the last man to leave anywhere. Well, he has had his three score years and ten!

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Amusing and interesting blog.
Great to forward to trips to RHS.
Do you think your husband will continue to go along, or was it just too hectic an evening for him ? :o)

~ or will it depend on the type of biscuits served ?
They might offer custard creams next time. Lol

30 Jan, 2009


Ooo A trip to Harlow Carr Nursery ! That sounds exciting :o)

30 Jan, 2009


You had better take the smelling salts when you go to Harrogate Marge .... the excitement could be to much ....

I suggest a nice little trip to Betty,s tea room , that would put a smile on his face ... :o)

31 Jan, 2009


Enjoyed your blog, keep looking for something like that round here, but i think villages do more like that than towns.

31 Jan, 2009


A trip to harlow Carr in March will be lovely, lots of spring bulbs and flowers emerging! Your garden club sounds fun and informative.

31 Jan, 2009


Hi, thanks for all your lovely comments. We are looking forward to Harlow Carr, we could go as individuals, but I think going as part of a Club we will get more out of it.

It's funny this "getting old" Ten years ago he wouldn't have dreaamed of coming with me - he was trendy then!
We are so different, I am quiet and he "could talk for England", so outgoing....

31 Jan, 2009


Lovely blog Marge, I enjoyed reading it. Will your husband keep on going with you or do you think it was all too much?

I'd be hard pressed to find a gardening club in Kamloops. I keep looking but the closest ones all seem to be in Vancouver which is 270 miles away.....a little far to drive on an evening.

Have fun on your garden tour. I wish I were coming too.

1 Feb, 2009


Hi Gilli, I think this blog site is the next best thing! There are so many people contributing, there is so much info flying about the ether. All the fabulous photos.
It is all great.

Yes, my husband will keep going with me. He has been out doing "stuff" in the garden, but it has been too cold for me, I sat inside knittting. Love Marge.

1 Feb, 2009

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