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I am a Gardener for about 10 years, and live in a 12 acre wooded land, with mostly Oaks, mapels and evergreen trees.
I found this bush and would like to know what it is.
What made me check it, is the simply beautiful small deep pink leaves.
But what is so unusual is the branches, it has a round bright green branch, but then and it looks like someone added little (1-3 inch) brown pieces with spaces inbetween all along the branch, so it lookes like the branch is square ???
I hope it is not invasive !!..........
If you don't know what it is, I will send a picture, which I don't have yet.

Thank you

Please excuse my spelling, I am from Germany, and tought myself how to spell etc.
Thank you :)

Hello again you truly wonderful people :-)

All those great responces-awesome !!!
You truly made me feel sooooooooo good :)

Well I will tell you a little more about me.
I live in a all wooded 12 acre land, and call it my Paradise.
I live alone with my Doggies, which were left in my land when they were 2 month old, the German Scheppard was so very sick, and today she is now 6, and my boys will be 7 in Januarey.
The best thing I ever did :-)
As I said I am a Gardener, and started most of my flowers from seed, because I don't have any extra money,
and that is so rewarding for me,
All I had here was sand, when I had my house build, as always they planted nothing but grass, I hate all that grass, so I started to make flower beds and also grow some vegetable.
I just turned the grass over, and mixed it with my copost, I have the best dirt now, and can grow anything I want.
When I moved here in 1997 I fenced in 2 12 feet areas and dummed all my oak leaves and larger garden waste in there, also I have 2 small compost bins where I compost my kitchen srabs, also I compost there my shreded paper, klenex, toilet paper and paper towel rools, vacium dust, anything which will turn to compost, so now I have compost all year and feed all my plants in spring and fall.
I never use anything which would hurt the enviroment, I have insects, Butterflys and birds which make my heart sing !!..........................
I count birds for Cornell University every winter, which just started, I love watching birds anyway.
My husband died when he was just 36 from a horrible Genetic desease, my Son was 9, and my Daughter was 7, wich was killed by a drunk driver, and my Son has my husbands decease, and is paralized from the sternum down, also it affects his speech and the hands, he actually took that picture of us- awesome is'nt, he is the most awesome man I know anyway, his autlook on life is truly awesome, and I learned a lot from him and still do !!........................
I just turned 69, and am in good shape, healthy thank GOD, and none of my wounds(only sometimes, when I run with my dogs, I do fall often, the wood floor is bumpy)
my wounds are nothing compare to my Sons, it makes life wonderful for me, because I heal fast, and my body is whole!!
As I also told you, I am from Germany, and remember my spelling is not the best, but I think you can tell what I mean -thank you for that-
I love life every day, and this place and everything included, healed my SOUL, and keeps healing it !!.........
Again thank you all for your wonderful responces, you are truly SPECIAL to me.


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