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A week away ,a family holiday , a brilliant time – but how to leave the plants behind! – you know the feeling – do I leave the greenhouse door shut and rely on the vents – or should it be ajar – and heaters on frost free.
The conservatory was full to bursting of precious plants – how much water to leave in trays – and will the mouse get the peas !! Anyway the risks taken seem to have paid off and most things have carried on well without us !!

Heliotrope plugs bought from Cheshire Oaks have been potted on – I love these plants – but have had no success in overwintering a stock plant for cuttings or growing seed – the bees love em and the perfume is so intense

Lots of work to be done in the greenhouse – pricking out – more seeds to set and in the garden I want to split my Hosta which is in a large pot and also to repot my various mints.

We have been to Pembroke – I will be posting some pics in the photo section – the flowers were amazing

Bluey came with us – she is very adaptable – and of course enjoys the walking

Back to the garden – the weeds seem to be doing well ! another job there!

OH is very busy setting up the allotment and my sweetpeas seem to be doing OK – I will set them out soon.

I took a tour of my special area when we came back and found that cuttings etc from last year are doing well

My Primula is making new growth

Special prezzie to self off hols – 5 Blue Agapanthus bulbs Happy Gardening to all you bloggers out there – and best wishes – Marigold6

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That's all still looking great, Marigold. I hope you have room for all of them - there are dozens of plants there.

I'm sure you heaved an enormous sigh of relief on your return. Bet you couldn't believe how much they'd come on.

Pembrokeshire is lovely. I go to a friend there from time to time and it has everything, from coast to mountain. Love it.

17 Apr, 2012


I think we all have this dilemma,Marigold,if going away,especially at this time of year...glad to see all of them are doing well...what a lot you have ! You are going to be very busy..:o)

17 Apr, 2012


I'm glad to hear your plants were all right, and that you had a nice holiday :o)

17 Apr, 2012

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