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Lathyrus Adoratus - Sweetpea


This week I am setting my sweetpea seeds – now I have done this before at this time of year – but I have lost them to the mouse!!

I am following the info in last weeks Gardening News and I intend to keep them mouse proof at all times

I have been to the garden centre and bought the special root trainers – no expense spared for this sweet pea challenge!!- and seed compost to hand so Whey-hey!!

Apparently they are best off outside from the word go

Yes I did remember to put the top on !

Problem number two is the squirrel in the nut tree

-waiting and watching my movements as he gathers nuts and stores them round the garden – he will dig out any newly planted pot just for the hell of it or it seems that way to me.

Any sweetpea tips would be appreciated – thanks for reading my blog – Jane alias Marigold

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Good luck, Marigold Jane with your sweet peas.
I'm adding the blog to Climbing Plants GoYpedia.

4 Oct, 2012


Thanks Terratoonie

4 Oct, 2012



4 Oct, 2012


I could almost smell those flowers in the first pic!
Had not heard of keeping them outside - let us know how successful it is.

4 Oct, 2012


I haven't read what gardening news said, but general consensus amongst sweet pea growers now is to start them off in November as the generally milder winters we've been having...yes, they are getting milder....tends to give better plants March time.
This is particularly true the further south you go in the country. If you are in a northern area then October time may still be OK.

anyway, check my blog on them if you need a few more tips.

4 Oct, 2012


Good luck with your sweet pea seeds. I hope they survive the winter. I was going to do mine, but can't get round to it lol ...

4 Oct, 2012


Steragram - when they have started to grow GN says to overwinter them in a cold frame - we shall see - fingers crossed !!

Thanks Graham - I shall pop over and read your blog - come on Hywel get your peas in - you must join the sweetpea challenge !!

4 Oct, 2012


I keep trying lol ... maybe I'll sort it out soon :o)

4 Oct, 2012


I'm about to set my sweetpea seeds in pots, but I shall be using the old 'toilet roll inner on top of a pot' trick - cheaper than your lovely tray, but much messier! ;o)

5 Oct, 2012


Love sweet peas Marigold, on GW Monty did a trial on sweet peas, and found out that overall the ones planted in spring did better than the ones planted in Autumn.

5 Oct, 2012


Nariz I am all for economy - I shall try that I have a few seeds left - Stoller - apparently alot of the growers set their peas in the autumn - it makes for sturdier stronger plants - of course they have got to survive and the winter is long and hard - thanks for your comments

5 Oct, 2012


Now I never watch gardening programmes, so no idea what Monty has done to ruin his autumn sown
sweet peas :) but those that know what they are doing, ie, the professionals, all seem to disagree with his results.

There are more links, all saying the same.
So by all means do what Monty says, but if you want the best, don't.

5 Oct, 2012


Scrumpygrat I intend to set more peas in March so then hopefully if my autumn sown peas survive I can compare results - thanks for the web sites I shall have a good browse

6 Oct, 2012

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