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Cycle Of Life


By marion1


I am sitting here this afternoon just pondering, the sun has decided to show itself briefly, until along comes another downpour! As you have all experienced we have had rain persistently for months, it’s been solid, relentless and miserable, but that is just our beautiful Mother Nature reminding us all that she is still around and to take nothing for granted.

Which brings me onto……… TREES, wonderful trees and the magic and mystery that each and every one of them brings. Out of the cycles of life around us have you ever stopped to think about, other than us, animals, mammals, sea life and creatures, the absolute wonder of these majestic and truly beautiful specimens, have you ever noticed how old they are, with their gnarled, thick, mammoth and twisting roots emerging from the ground like a fairy story, another wonder of the world, which in themselves tell an entirely different story of the nature that surrounds us all. They maybe silent, their leaves swaying gently in the breeze, singing their own tune, their trunks so huge and full of a history that we will never ever know, their secrets well hidden and never to be told.

Trees survive things that humans never will, Mother Nature sometimes shows them no mercy yet they still stand, tall, proud and majestic, they are still here hundreds and hundreds of years later, providing us with the air that we so need to “Just Breathe” and a spectacular story to tell if only we would just listen.

Now all this tree thinking got me also thinking of reincarnation, if I believed in it or not. If there was such a thing, I always wanted to come back as a cat, but watching my wonderful Wisterias this afternoon has certainly changed my mind. You see, my Wisterias are very much like me, they need lots of grooming, feeding and most importantly lots of love or they will not provide me with the excitement, and anticipation of looking out for those fantastic buds in Spring, those same buds emerging into the most exquisite and fragrant flowers, dangling gloriously, and saying “Look At Me”, and with the right care continue to do so for hundreds and hundreds of years to come.

So if there is a reincarnation I would definitely be a Wisteria, what tree or plant would you be?

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I love trees and have planted over a hundred mostly deciduous ( except a christmas tree thast needs a ladder to put the lights on) that would be nice..........maybe a weeping willow but I, d have wet feet all the its got to be Populus candicans aurora.....beautiful leaves such colours and stands all that mother nature throws at her on our windy hill.........

11 Jul, 2012


When I was 7 years old my brother and I had to walk one mile to Cranford village school (near Kettering) every day. We took our lunch of home made bread and butter, and a little flask of Oxo. The first thing I noticed about Cranford was the long cottage at the entrance to the village which was completely covered with a Wisteria in flower. That was in 1935. It is still there and flowering today. Seventy seven years later.

11 Jul, 2012


I would be a Horse-chestnut (Conker) tree. I have always loved them and they played a part in my childhood.

11 Jul, 2012


I wouldn't be a plant - I'd be an Eagle! Watching them soaring over our mountains and valleys makes me want to join them! I had a wonderful experience once - I was given a glider flight by Partner for my birthday. While I was up - with a pilot of course! - I took the controls for a while and he told me to look up, and there were two Buzzards working the thermals - exactly what I was doing! Probably the closest I'll ever get to being an Eagle!

12 Jul, 2012


We only get eagles in the scottish highlands I think but red kites are doing well now and beautiful to watch.......
We can imitate mother nature but not outdo her I think. :0))

12 Jul, 2012


Yes, She's certainly the Mother of it all!

13 Jul, 2012

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