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Re vamping of my pond


I am really pleased with the way my gardener has re vamped my pond which had collapsed around the edges.

The next job will be to remove all the debris in the bottom of the pond but this will have to wait until it gets warmer.

I would be grateful if anyone can give me some good ideas of plants I could consider. eg types of lily.

Before repair

After re construction

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Agree - just one of the smaller ones will be all you need. How about also adding a marginal basket with some blue irises? (or something else tall that dragon fly nymphs can climb up to do their Cinderella trick!)

We found house martins using mud from the baskets for their nest, so you never know! And how about marsh marigolds for Spring - we found the singles worked better than the fancy doubles which never did very well.. You might try a root of water forget me nots Myosotis scorpiodes in the same basket, to take over from the kingcups

25 Jan, 2022


Lilies are not a good idea Marjory if you have moving water! Water Hyacinths are good.
Rick has always had ponds, some very large. Now we just have a raised viewing pond.
I miss the ponds but as it is clay soil, it would be too hard for me and Rick is not mobile at all now.
Caltha palistra ( marsh marigold which have lovely yellow daisies in the spring to early summer)
Water irises, but not the huge yellow ones as they can get too heavy and flop!
If you go to a garden centre near you, there is the one near Morrisons not far from Laceby which has a pond shop and are very helpful!
Hope this helps! I will send you a pm.

25 Jan, 2022


It looks great now Marjorie :)
but I'm sorry I know nothing about pond plants ...

25 Jan, 2022


It looks brilliant!

25 Jan, 2022


the lily I gave you is a mid depth small one so that should still be ok. if it has got to big then just cut the 3" of rhizome with the growing point and discard the rest.

water forget-me-not is wonderful, but avoid water mint as that gets very big very quick.

I'd agree about the single marsh marigold. I love mine.
There are some very pretty horsetails suitable for ponds but I dont grow them so dont know how they will behave in a small pond.
Acorus gramineus variegatus a small Carex like plant lives happily in the wet of my pond. I can send you some if you'd like some.

I also grow Lobelia Queen Victoria in the margins.

26 Jan, 2022


I have a marsh marigold in my teeny-tiny pond.

26 Jan, 2022


Just remembered when I was a small child there was a song on Listen with Mother that went "Kingcups, kingcups let us take you home! Put you in a green vase to be our very own" They still seem precious to me(and we did have a green bowl too) There was a plant in the stream in our village but it disappeared - I still miss it every Spring. I often wonder whose pond it ended up in...

Sorry Marjorie, off topic again...

26 Jan, 2022


I've found this website to be an excellent source of information about pond plants:

They also sell good quality plants

26 Jan, 2022


Looks a lovely update, Marjorie. I'd love a larger pond, but, ours is probably the right size for our small garden.

27 Jan, 2022


Thanks for all your lovely comments and advice. They have really given me some good hints and wrinkles.
The website that Andrewr gave me is extremely good, lots of advice and many different plants to choose from.
I am just waiting for the warmer weather.

28 Jan, 2022


How’s the pond looking now Marjorie?

2 Jul, 2022

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