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1st B B Q


By mark61


its been such a nice day, so i thought mmmm bbq got to be done :))) pictures to follow

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now thats what I call a very exciting blog BBFB, very interesting I must say,

21 Mar, 2011


mmmmmmmmmmmmm now im full :))

21 Mar, 2011


well done Mark. it all looks very nice, we would have come over if you had let us know earlier, hope Julie and Jordan enjoyed it,

21 Mar, 2011


Yorkshire you are always welcome round here in our beirut area lol,i will invite you in the summer and i will send julie round for a bottle of fresh water from our local stream and julie loved the food but our jordan said it was dodgy because of the square chops lol.:)))

21 Mar, 2011


your barmy Mark, glad you enjoyed it, tell Julie I don't drink water, Lol had to laugh at the comment from Jordan,

21 Mar, 2011


Hi Mark - what a good idea to have a barbie - did you have a lot of people round as you were certainly cooking mountains of food ?

Judging by the doggy picture you had at least one keen eater !

21 Mar, 2011

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