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nasty grandad ??


By mark61


lol had our grandchildren over at the weekend we went for a walk round miller dam. leah held our bonnie all the way round until the picnic :))

when we got home all i got was grandad have you got any jobs so i thought mmm , i said would you like some flowers yes grandad do you see the yellow ones on my grass you can have them all lol, so i give them a bucket each to go get them all:))))

after a hour they went to mum & dad look we got loads of flowers to take home . my daughter said daaaaaaaad your nasty . so i cut them some daffs tulips and roses to take home phew that saved me :))))

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LOL love it Mark :-))
hope there were no wet beds that night lol

8 May, 2013


You naughty grandad, but I bet the kids still love you. Enjoyed the pics Mark you all look as if you had fun.

8 May, 2013


LOL Mark.....glad you had a good time with your children and Granchildren...

8 May, 2013


Great to see kids enjoying themselves, and your little sleepy friend is lovely too :o)

8 May, 2013


hi and thank you all it was a bit of fun on my part but its hard some times to keep young ones busy im sure they will get me back one day lol

shame you can not put videos on you would of loved seeing trying to skip lol

it was a great day had by all bonnie our little family dog just past out when they left lol

9 May, 2013


They look real cuties ,I simpervise with bonnie I thought I was the only one who passes out when the grand kids leave LOL

9 May, 2013


Love that photo of the girls dancing! and so good to train them to get rid of dandelions!! Lol

9 May, 2013


great trick! do you think it'll work a second time??

9 May, 2013


Hi Kidsgran lol .Thankyou they are our princesses:)))
Bonnie did the right thing and i followed a hour later lol

Hi Grandmage lol it was a good idea and they did a good job ,will be trying it again when they visit next:))))

Hi Fran yes it will work again lol as they love doing jobs in the garden for grandad:))))

12 May, 2013


You wait Mark, my grandson always asks if we have any jobs that need doing then promptly tells us what he is saving up for and how much are we paying him, admittedly its our own faults as we told him he is now of an age to start earning his money to pay for all the extra's, nearly 13yrs so not old enough to have a little Sat job....
Lovely photo's of the family...

22 May, 2013


Hi Lincslass i think it is a good thing to encourage children to earn there pocket money.But as my grandchildren are only 4 and 3 they are just finding it fun at the moment but im sure it will cost us dearly when they are older lol.:)))

24 May, 2013

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