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well i thought id seen it all !!!!!


By mark61


yesterday our next door was hammering away on our new fence bl__dy h__L we could not believe it all the hard work me and julie did making a nice fence so next doors dog could not get through it so i ask have you painted the fence on your side with the paint we supplied, he said not yet m8 , i said can i have a look , no paint on it but old laminate flooring so i took these pictures

when i asked why have you done that he said because his dog barks when she sees bonnie our dog , i said thats what dogs do to say hello scratching my head i just walked away in disbelief

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what makes us laugh he didnt have enough to go to the top of the fence .So now his dog just goes to the top of the fence and barks through there instead.Some people are so stupid !!! ???

9 May, 2013


Hi Mark
Seems like those horizontal boards will fall down very quickly !!!

Kind of you to supply paint for the other side of your vertical panel fencing .

9 May, 2013



9 May, 2013


He could easily train his dog not to bark every time it see's your dog! What a div...

9 May, 2013


What a plonker ... the politest word I can write on here ... beggars belief and obviously was a total waste of time ... my sympathy for you and Julie.

9 May, 2013


oh dear so sorry to see that mess, and you both worked hard to make it better in the garden for yourselves and your neighbours. Thank goodness I do not have that problem. Maybe, if you could afford the time and money, you could put a panel in each of the spaces which would make it more private and you would not see their horrible knocked up attempt to destroy your lovely work.

9 May, 2013


Silly man and what a waste of a good size garden (his not yours Mark)

9 May, 2013


Your garden is a real delight, more than can be said for your neighbours.

9 May, 2013


Why on earth would anyone even contemplate going to the bother!! People baffle me sometimes.
It's easy enough to train a dog not to bark like that - if he used the effort to do that rather than clad the fence in laminate flooring - you'd be applauding him!! What an arse!!

9 May, 2013


I quite agree - some people are just stupid. It's beyond belief ...

9 May, 2013


what a numpty !!!!!!!!!!

9 May, 2013


Must be related to Steptoe & Son ! putting up that stuff what an eyesore ...

9 May, 2013


Mark, at least now I saw how beautifuly you renovated your garden. It looks very nice. DonĀ“t worry about idiots or envy people, they will just spoil your life if you pay them a lot of attention. I have exactly the same neighbours, unfortunately on both sides. One made me exactly the same as yours and the other one assisted to me, when I was making a new fence on his side. He asked me to leave half of meter hole at the end of fence. What for? I asked. In order kids could come for they football, if it falls into your garden, he said. I flatly rejected this idea. His son lately said in front of me:"We will anyway confiscate it to you." Last, but not least, the whole family really helped in old regime to confiscate estates of others.

9 May, 2013


Your fence is beautiful now spoiled by that plonker next door!! Unbelievable Mark.

9 May, 2013


what an eyesore! at least you won't be able to see it from your side. you'd think anyone going to that much trouble would also go to the trouble of making something that didn't look like a tip.

Shows the difference between an piece of art and "that'll do"

mind you, i think he or one of his ilk put up the fencing at my place. There's a plastic-covered wire mesh fence on all the gardens - but mine has ugly sheets of hardboard wired to it round the bottom for "privacy" (there's a green beyond the fence, then more flats, so it's not as if anyone's going to get close).

9 May, 2013


Fran@lol, I liked that expression "what an eyesore", lol. Never heard it before and so suitable!!!

10 May, 2013


How silly, it looks like it wont stay up anyway just lent on your fence.....

11 May, 2013


that's a point, Holly - I don't suppose Mark built his fence in the expectation of having the load on it doubled. And Mark left gaps for the wind to pass through, this side looks solid, which would increase the loading.

11 May, 2013


Words fail me!

11 May, 2013


Hi TT hope all is well at your end.I hope they do fall off.Hes probably sold the paint lol.

Hi Pamg i agree

Hi Youngdaisy and Shirley Tulip,i agree with you both he his such a idiot and as no idea

Hi Oliveoil yes i have already thought of that and i have now got the panels.Which we will do in the summer if its nice lol

Hi Annella and lizziebee,thankyou very much for saying my garden is nice.If you think his garden is a waste of space you havent seen the garden the other side.If they just took some time they could make them really nice.

Hi Scottish the reason why he did this is because is dog is old huskie and suffers with arthritis ,she is overweight due to no exercise at all.So when she was barking at bonnie our dog she ran up and down the fence which would be the best exercise for her.But he didnt like it as they had to take time out there with her to stop her barking and running about.They are the kind of people that it is out the door ,do your business in the door.Not Good.I will add however they do treat her well apart from this.

Hi Hywel,Helen60 and Kidsgran i fully agree with you all.It is certainately a remake from steptoe and son and daughter lol.

Hi Katarina thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my garden.I would have refused to with the neighbour cheeky bu..ers.You have now seen the picture of my neighbours garden but the neighbours the other side are even worse so i sympathize with you on our problem.It does not take long to just keep the garden tidy.

Hi Grandmage i fully agree wasnt happy.

Hi Fran unfortunately it can be seen from our side.It is all uneven through the gaps.Thankyou for saying its a piece of art,its just a fence which i tried to make respectable for both sides.As you say fran privacy is a great thing no matter what it looks like.

Hi Hollyeves and Drc i am sure it wont take long before it starts falling down as they keep letting the dog jump at it now.I was fully lost for words when julie showed me when i came home i was not a happy person.

I am going to go round and do my own paneling for him as i have got the wood for it now and i cannot cope with the eyesore any longer.

12 May, 2013


you have great tolerance, Mark - medals have been awarded for less!

13 May, 2013


Oh gosh !!!!!!!! I had missed this Mark, you must have a lot of patience, words fail me as its impolite to write the word that comes to mind....

22 May, 2013


hi Fran not really got tolerance but i dont want to cause any bad feeling between neighbours so i just let it go.But i will say julie as told me to calm down a few times when i have had a beer .

Hi Lincslass It is funny in a way as his dog is now starting to chew them off which i think is more harmful then her just running up and down.

24 May, 2013



Makes me appreciate our neighbours even more.

25 May, 2013


Thats true, I hope it doesn't encourage their dog to have a go at your new fence though Mark...

25 May, 2013

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