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Fuel price concerns


I know that this doesn’t directly relate to gardening. But it does cause problems for everyone in the UK. I certainly worry about the ever increasing cost of fuel, living in the country (well a village in the countrside) i do need to have a car. the cost of fuel for me needing to visit a garden centre for supplies, or using the car to transport plants to the shows for example, alongside work etc.
I have recently been looking at the Facebook site (as it’s linked somehow to growsonyou) and came across a government petition regarding the amount of duty put on fuel. Whilst the oil is so expensive the fuel duty could be reduced / should be reduced.
We, i believe, in the UK pay more than anywhere else in Europe in fuel duty. The petition deadline is 17th June 2008. (Hope you didn’t mind me putting this on here, but it is of huge concern).

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hi Mark,, i think your right to be concerned as the cost of fuel concerns us all,, when fuel goes up generally everything else follows suit.

4 Jun, 2008


Hi Mark-
You are quite right in expressing your concerns.
A lot of nursery grown plants are fed on oil - derived chemicals and feeds as well.Many are still not grown, fed or raised organically.Also the plants have to be raised indoors and are kept warm by heaters that rely on fossil fuels, and, of course, there are the transport costs of getting the plants to the U.K from nurseries abroad as well as the ones in the U.K.Then there is all the plastic used for packaging and for the pots that also rely partly on oil and fossil fuels for their production- the list is endless it seems, so as gardeners we are all affected by the rising costs.It is very worrying, and the duties we pay on fuel in the U.K are getting higher and higher.Many thanks for raising this issue.
Best wishes,

4 Jun, 2008


Totally agree Mark it can be garden related though as anyone using fuel powered gardening equipment in the course of their work cannot possibly pass these rapid increases onto customers who themselves are meeting higher demands.
The galling part is fuel companies and the Government raking in huge revenues whilst these prices soar.No attempt being made to hold passing on costs instantly.Will we ever see it back to near a pound a litre - no chance and we ll be told its a green initative to reduce road use.

4 Jun, 2008


I believe you are correct Mark UK does have the highest prices. and Bonkersbon is also correct in that oil companies are showing record profits. 30 years ago the difference between the salaries of upper management and entry level was approx 30 percent, now it is 300 percent, my father worked for a major oil co until he was forced to take early retirement by a hostile takeover. He kept up with the industry until his death and he and I agreed that the oil cos, plus a lot of other international companies have become in his words "the biggest pigs in recorded history". The US right now is having the problem of companies paying more for grain to use as biofuel than as feed and so food prices are going up fast. It is affecting everyone and even with scholarships the cost of sending my two to university is requiring big cut backs in food and gasoline spending, I have had to limit myself to one tank a month. There is a movement here to get the state and federal taxes on oil products repealed at least for the near future, but the going is hard, everyone has my sympathy and for what it's worth my support.

4 Jun, 2008


That does make me feel a little better, knowing that there are others with the same concerns. But with the government and oil companies raking money in from our hard earned cash, it seems very wrong that this should be such a worry.

5 Jun, 2008


The environment is such an issue that i almost feel guilty for feeling so worried. But whatever the impact on the environment, life goes on and i'm afraid that until there are alternative options that are affordable to me i shall have to continue as i do (i'm sure others are in the same boat).

5 Jun, 2008


I Know All the British People Feel the Same Marksbegonias,Why should Good Old UK always be the 1s who pay More 4 everything?were TAXED ON EVERYTHING& FUEL is the Biggest Money Maker 4 Our Goverment,They should be Helping Uk Not Killing it with their Greed,Iv sigened The Petition& hope Many Others Follow 2 show we can still stand up for Our Rites As UK Citazines

5 Jun, 2008


Glad to hear it jacque, i signed it as soon as i saw it. Lets hope that some notice is taken of it - It often seems that however many people shout, and however loud, the big wigs just do as they like anyway, and then they call it a democracy (i know we're not in the situation of some countries - but our government should still listen)! :-)

6 Jun, 2008


Interested in comments Mark and you sure touched a nerve feel the ordinary working person has been increasingly penalised.Wolibuhli comments very apt wonder what those in the US would do if fuel [gas] cost $12 a gallon[ we in UK paying £6 @$12] - believe its around $4 at present.

6 Jun, 2008


You are correct ,right now in Georgia it is $3.98 a gal. American's were totally unprepared for this. I guess I have some insight because of my husband being from the UK, plus his family there and in Aust. Everyone I've talked to is adamant that "something needs to be done" but what that is they haven't a clue!

6 Jun, 2008


Gas price here in southern ontario is $1.289 per litre (as of today, who knows about the next day), about $5.86 per gallon. Of course for us average workers that makes it difficult; I didn't even bother to replace my last vehicle 2 years ago as it was a choice between car insurance and heating bills. Now it is becoming a choice between food or shelter for a lot of people, and the food costs are rising like crazy, claiming the gas prices are the culprit. Can't imagine how you cope over in UK at those rates! My aunt on pension is lucky to see $12000 per year and needs to have a vehicle as there are no shops near her home. Our minimum wage is $8.50 per hour, what is it there?

7 Jun, 2008


Hi Grammazoo our min wage is age dependent but slightly higher @ $11 in your terms but given our costs its worth less - given how many dollars it costs you to come here cannot understand why so many do.Higher prices poor service but when we come to you it feels such a treat our pounds go such along way .Re this fuel thing think there should be a day we all refuse to travel - just stay at home refuse work , visting stores , buying anything for one day just stop the country in mass protest .Cant sack us all can they?

8 Jun, 2008


Well... they would probably try,lol! I just cut back as much as possible on utilities, and stretch the food & clothes as much as possible, recycle and reuse anything possible, etc. If the ecomony drops, they will have to eventually lower the prices to get the money circulating again.
As to us visiting over there, not that I could afford travel of any sort, but it has always been at the top of my list. Lots of history, beautiful places, and, if this website is any indication, wonderful people to meet. :-)

9 Jun, 2008


I'm still waiting for the benefits of lower fuel prices that were first attributed to our North Sea fields by Maggie Thatcher! Remember all the fuss and extra cost over changing to Natural Gas?

When I went to the Middle East in the 1980's I discovered that as a result of the Middle East situation, Israel's fuel came from Saudi Arabia, was then shipped to Rotterdam and reshipped back to Haifa AND IT WAS STILL CHEAPER than UK prices!

By comparison, I travelled all over Venezuela for a fortnight during the nineties and my total fuel bill came to under £60! Pepsi was more expensive. (I nearly said 'Coke' LOL)

17 Jun, 2008

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