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Yesterday (Saturday 7th) I visited my friend Stan, and my parents. As i walked round their gardens i couldn’t resist taking some pictures of some of the plants that caught my eye. Some aren’t perfect, but i only used my mobile phone as i hadn’t got my camera with me.
Perhaps i should only put pictures of plants that i have grown myself, but i haven’t really got any plants in my garden, at least not in the ground – everything i grow is in my greenhouses (which are in my garden) but there isn’t room for garden plants and the greenhouses, so i choses the greenhouses which i need if i’m to show my Begonias. I shall be putting some plants outside soon now, as the greenhouses are starting to get a bit overcrowded now the plants are growing. There are slabs over most of the garden which makes it easier for the Begonia pots to stand up – just have to make sure that i don’t put them in the sun. A couple of yeard ago the sun burnt 3or4 plant to nothing, they vanished. Normally it just burns the leaves and they go brown, that year they must have been in full sun, they were the plants that weren’t going to make the show that year and had just been put out of the way really whilst i worked on the show plants. I couldn’t believe that they had gone, i was expecting a bit of brown on the leaves – thats why i’m always careful about putting my Begonias in the shade. Garden Begonias must be more tolerant of sun as people do have those in their gardens in the sun and they seem fine!

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I liked the photos of the other gardens. It doesn't matter if they were not your own. You like Begonias, well good for you - so grow them, and if there's no room for anything else at least you have your favourite plants.

8 Jun, 2008


I have hundreds of tuberous garden begonias which tolerate full sun. I did try some others, that looked similar but were intended for conservatories. I put them outside but they shriveled up and looked sad unless they were fully shaded and they didn't survive the summer.

I think it's good to see pictures of gardens - whether they're your own or not.

It's also good to see other ways people enjoy their gardens. Your paved areas must be a mind blowing display of colour in the summer.

8 Jun, 2008


Your phone did a good job, Mark. Great photos.

8 Jun, 2008


Enjoyed your photos Mark. I agree with Blodyn and Fourseasons, it's great seeing other people's gardens. Spritz is right. Your phone took great photos.

8 Jun, 2008

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