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I have been working at making room in the greenhouses, taking off the blooms and getting all the plants from outside into the heated greenhouses. This years cuttings are in a greenhouse on their own with the temperature still at 52, to keep them growing as long as possible and help produce as big a tuber as poss. The other plants are now down to 40 degrees and i’m reducing watering to help the plants to go down for the winter. It always seems sad when it’s time to take the blooms off, looking down the greenhouse and only seeing green (and some yellow) leaves after there being so much beautiful colour.

Starting to work on clearing an area for a new small greenhouse that will be just for cuttings, with a smaller greenhouse it should help save the electric a bit keeping the cuttings at a higher temperature than the other plants. Also leaving a bit more room for the other plants to come in from outside, and out of the shed where there is no heating. I took the side off the shed at the start of the year and made a sort of home made lean to the shed geenhouse, or whatever you would like to call it! It’s let more light in and made it possible to keep some plants in there, although o wouldn’t keep show plants in there as it became a bit too warm really. Although i had put some ventilation in there wasn’t as much as there is in the greenhouses-and with no electric in the shed i couldn’t put a fan on either. It seemed fine for it’s purpose of keeping some stock plants in that i had seperated to take as many cuttings off as i could because i was short of those varieties. Need to try and build up the stock with cuttings because of the price of new tubers – some of the new varieties at Blackmore & Langdons are now £30 for just one tuber.

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Hi Mark, I have begonias but tend to cut them all back and put in an unheated shed (in a hanging basket) over winter and then start them up again next year. Is this ok? they dont seem to do as well as the ones started up new each year - but I dont have a greenhouse and windowsills tend to get full up. Any ideas greatly received!

30 Sep, 2007


The Begonia grower that tought me what i know about Begonia growing has always said that the frost might get them if the greenhouse isn't heated, but if you have not lost yours in previous years you must have them protected sufficiently. I wouldn't cut my Begonias down because the leaves are still feeding the tuber. I always let the leaves go yellow and drop off on their own, tip the pot on it's side after the leaves have gone and let the stem drop off itself too. This is what's ideal, but if you haven't got the space this may not be possible. Try and let them go down themselves for as long as possible to help feed the tuber would be my suggestion.

30 Sep, 2007


Well posted here..good thinking of this one..contents are very nice..good to see this here..thanks for sharing here with us..

14 Aug, 2012

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