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Last week my mobile phone had a funny turn, I don’t know much about mobile phones, there was a big black spot on the screen and I was finding it difficult to read what I needed to see whilst using the phone. I had to go and buy another as I need to have a phone on me for work.
This afternoon I connected the old phone up to the computer to see if there were any pictures still in it, and if I would be able to move them from the phone to the computer (I must admit I had my doubts) Hey presto it worked and to my surprise there were pictures from The Hanwood and Cruckton Show that I had forgotten about, i’ve put them onto my growsonyou page now. I can remember that at the Hanwood and Cruckton show they were saying that they thought it would be the last year for that show, unfortunately. 2006 was the last year for the Shrewsbury and district gardeners show (or whatever they were called) which used to be held at Percy Throwers Garden Centre.
2007 I showed at Roden nurseries in place of Percy Throwers, the group organising that show is “The Wrekin and District Horticultural Society”. It was held 8th & 9th September in 2007, which is getting a bit late for the double tuberous Begonias. I still had some that were of a reasonable show quality, This year i have been trying some of the foilage Begonias which i also took to that show. I need to let them grow a bit bigger for showing really. Finding the Hanwood & Cruckton pictures reminded me that there were still pictures on my camera from The Roden show, which I have also put into the computer and growsonyou.
The pictures I have put into growsonyou back to front really, because The Hanwood & Cruckton Show was earlier than The Roden Show, The flowering Begonias are of a better quility at The H & C Show compared to The Roden Show.
It will be interesting to see how the foilage Begonias over winter. The main flowering plants have gone down now, most of the stems have come off and I have taken most of them out of their pots and put them on the bench on some plastic bags that i had the compost in. I am going to start working round the plants in the greenhouse, brushing off the compost as it drys. Not all the compost will come off at first, it might take two or three rounds of the greenhouse before its all brushed off. The roots from the tubers will be trimmed off, trimming the brown dead roots off, but stopping when i get to the white roots that are still alive.
The cuttings from 2007 are in the other greenhouse, and the temperature was kept at 50 until the leaves started to turn yellow, end of November, then it was turned down to 40 the same as the greenhouse with the main plants in. The foilage plants are in that house as, from what i’ve read they like to be kept warmer. If they survive the winter at 40 they will be turned back to 50 in the other greenhouse at the end of February when i start the tubers off again. As the cuttings go down they will all fit in the same greenhouse and I shall be able to shut the other one down and save some electric. If they don’t survive I will have to think again as to whether it will be worth the extra cost of keeping a greenhouse at 50 all winter. Or not to grow foilage Begonias?
Whilst the small greenhouses are closed down I shall brush them out and clean them, then smoke them ready for next season. Everything in the main greenhouse will go into the smaller greenhouse whilst I brush, clean and smoke that one out.
I must admit that i’m looking forward to the end of February when its time to start again, I much prefer seeing the plants growing than going back – but it’s all part of the cycle. I need to work at keeping the tubers healthy through this part of the season to be sure of healthy tubers to start off for next season.

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