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B**** that electrician!!!


As in my last blog, the electrician had not finished the work i had requested and asked if he could come and finish last Friday – I said i would be working, but he said if i left the greenhouse open he would finish off. Silly me thought what could go wrong!
When I returned from work he had only put one extra tube heater in the third greenhouse, instead of two. Also he had only put three instead of four short tubes in the new greenhouse, but he had screwed them to the floor. How daft can you get, that’s taken up space for the plants (making the greenhouse half the size).
I unscrewed them from the floor myself, and started to screw them to a piece of wood, but i can’t get them level as one of the wire is too short so i’ll have to let them finish. I had arranged for them to come today, as i’m not working today, but i’m still waiting. I must admit there is nothing I hate more than waiting for someone. I just hope they do come and finish off the job that they started, and get it correct this time. (surely they can’t make more mistakes). I hope they don’t over charge me, if they had done everything correct they would have done it in one visit, instead of three.

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Hi Mark,
Sorry to hear that you have had such a frustrating time with the electrician.You know the old saying If you want something done properly then do it yourself.
Keep an eye on them while they are working Mark or write down exactly what you want them to do.Hopefully they will not get things wrong this time and they complete the job for you asap.
All the best and if we hear a loud shout of 'Eureka!' in Bristol we will know its you and the job is done properly!

25 Apr, 2008


Thanks for your comment Grenville, unfortunately you won't be hearing a shout of "Eureka" for a while yet, as they haven't bothered to turn up and have ignored all phone calls.
Advice to anyone in the Shropshire area AVOID MARTIN TURNER ELECTRICIANS at all costs, they don't complete work, don't order parts so they have to come back another day, they have no common sense and put thing in silly places, don't come out when they say they will, and ignor phone calls.

25 Apr, 2008


Oh Mark , im sorry you are having all these problems , its awful when people let you down and like you I hate having to wait on people .I hope you get it all sorted soon .

25 Apr, 2008


In future Mark put your requirements down in writing to tradesmen and keep a copy as judging by unfortunate experience sounds like they will dispute what you asked for .Should also get qoutes for work in writing as those little extras you havent asked for have a habit of mounting up! A reputable contractor would apologise and put things right to your satisfaction.Hope this happens but dont think youll be holding your breath keep us posted and good luck.

25 Apr, 2008


Hi Mark-
This is bad news and hopefully they havent received any remuneration.
All good wishes for a successfully completed job.

25 Apr, 2008


That's just disgusting Mark I thank my lucky stars that my hubby loves doing DIY so can do most things for us and to be honest the 'stuff' that has been done for us has always been lacking and not upto the standard Bob (my hubby) demands....needless to say Bob fits the jobs in around his good days what with his bad health and all.

I wish you all the best for getting something sorted just bad luck Martin Turner Electricians were just a bunch of cowboys that just wanted to rip you off. :o(

26 Apr, 2008


So sorry to hear about your electrician problems, Mark. What an absolute pain for you! I hope you are able to find a reputable firm to sort it all out for you ASAP.

27 Apr, 2008

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