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RE: B**** that electrician (my last blog) – I wrote a letter to them stating that i wasn’t happy with their service, listing their failures, and indicating that i did not expect to pay for their incompetance, incomplete and substandard work. After speaking with Stan, fellow Begonia grower & friend, we both decided not to use them again and put this in the letter. I had a phone call from Stan yesterday as the electrician had been to see Stan personally, explaining some personal problems to Stan which was the reason for not turning up. Stan seems convinced by him, therefore i will let him finish this job (but i would be very cautious before using that firm again). In the letter i had spelt out exactly what had been expected to complete the job, and that it should have been done in one visit.Apparantly there are no tube heaters in Shropshire at the moment!
Now i have cleared the 2nd greenhouse out and set off the smoke bomb (sulphur candles) to be sure it’s up to standard for my plants. The heating in there should be fine, haven’t tested it yet. Should have room for now. (Starts taking most room when they start to go into final pots).
Delphiniums ~ first year at trying to grow them, i have been reading up on them a bit. 99% of what i’ve read is about growing them in the garden. Unfortunately, i’ve not got garden space for them – and i can’t pick the garden up to take them to the show! I did read one section about cutting them for showing, but if i decide to show them with my Begonias they will need to be in pots (i don’t think cut flowers and pot plants can be shown together). I think i read somewhere that a 10" pot being used, but that’s a bit big really. With the Begonias i like to keep to a 6" or sometimes a 7" No bigger, the display would be all pots and difficult to hide the pots.
At the moment i have planted them into 5" pots and will pot on into 7" pots as with the Begonias. I’m not sure if that will be sufficient for the season though. These are Dwarf Delphiniums, information says 3 ft high, maybe that will be sufficient.
Has anyone else grown Dwarf Delphiniums in pots? If so i would be interested to hear from your experiences

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Let's hope that the wretched electricians have changed their poor service! I hope your letter made them think...Keep an eye on them, won't you, and kick them into touch, personal problems or no problems...if they want the work, they have to do a good job!

1 May, 2008

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