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The Malvern Spring Show


Last Thursday i visited The Malvern Spring Show, it’s the first time i have been there. Very enjoyable day. Joined The Royal Horticultural Society while i was there.
Today i added pictures i took, but a number of the displays were so similar to other displays i have seen at other shows that i decided not to take pictures of them. If i added some pictures of last years shows, many would look the same. I tried to take pictures that would be a bit different. Although some will be similar as displays that are of interest to me for ideas for my future displays i have added. Even though many pictures would be too similar to take, i will always visit the shows to see them as they are amazing displays.
Dibleys have some interesting foilage Begonias. But Blackmore & Langdons had no Begonias – i’m sure that they usually start them off early for the shows. Perhaps this one was just a bit too early.
Nice to walk around the show and not to have to think about a display of my own fora change, although i am looking forward to the shows that i hope to enter this year.
I spoke to the people on Blackmore & Langdons stand, asked them about pot size for their Delphiniums, as thats where i had ordered mine from, they said that they will be ok in a 5" pot this year and to pot up to a 10 litre pot (whatever that means) next year. I must admit i’m a bit unsure of leaving them in a 5" pot, i shall keep an eye on them.

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I was speaking to someone who was at B&L Open Weekend yestersay and they told me that their Begonias are at least a fortnight late this year and that is probably why they didn't have any at the Maslvern Spring show. By contrast, their Delphiniums are more advanced than usual.
Seemingly they are heating their Begonia showhouse quite a lot to try to get them into bloom.

10 May, 2008


Briliant pictures. I particularly liked the cacti, although there were not many photos of them. I've been collecting cacti since I was a teenager.

10 May, 2008


Surprised you didnt enter some of your lovely specimens or yours a bit late as well.? Blame that B electrician.

10 May, 2008


I hadn't intended on showing any at this show, just to have a day out and look for ideas. My plants are timed for the Shrewsbury Show in August. It would use too much electric to turn the heat up any sooner, as it's just a hobbie of mine.

10 May, 2008


Well whats that trophy for Mark? Pretty impressive and we on this site love gardening.This week the prententious Chelsea Flower show thousands spent exclusive guests wined and dined oh cant let the oiks in while we show the VIPs round.Gardening is about people like you that love it for the pleasure it brings and more power to you.Anyone puts a blog on this week about their visit to Chelsea be warned! Hows that for a rant Spritz?

11 May, 2008


Amen to that, Bonkers.

This is the first year for many that I didn't go to Malvern - you had a lovely day for it, Mark. It's a good show, but I preferred it before it become commercialised, and I simply couldn't justify the £22 entrance :-(

12 May, 2008

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