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My name is Martyn and I’ve been happily married to Joy since June 2010, we’ve been together almost 5 years now! I have 2 grown up sons from my previous marriage and Joy has 3 grown up daughters and a Granddaughter and another Granddaughter soon to be with us from her previous marriage.
I have a passion for photography, though I’m quite amateurish with my technique but I think I’m getting a little bit better after almost 30 years of snapping. Much to Joy’s annoyance I almost always have a camera with me no matter where we go. I enjoy real ales and searching out Old pubs that have charm and character and of course real ales. We have a ABI Jubilee Viceroy caravan and visiting different campsites around the country is also a passion for us both. We have our Staffordshire bull terrier ‘Meg’ and she tends to tag along where ever we venture. Meg’s soft as a brush and daft too!
Our house is rented at the moment and we’ve lived here for a couple of years, its tidy now, but the previous occupants left the front and back gardens like a jungle. I toiled for a month with a spade and barrow to bring the front garden to something of an acceptable standard with Brambles being the biggest challenge. Eventually the lawn began to grow and we now have a tidy front garden but we think it’s a little bare and would like it to bloom much more.
I’m a total novice at gardening, I usually listen to Joy’s instructions and go along with what she say’s. I want to develop a little knowledge and put my own mark on our front garden. I do have one corner to myself, this is where I built a Chiltern gate arch (to keep Meg from ruining the front garden.) and I intend to extend the arch a couple of feet and have white roses climbing it.
The back garden is a bit of a mess at the moment, we have our caravan stored there and I still have to remove the spoil mound created when I cleared the front garden.

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  • 2012. Crazy Paving.
  • All laid out and ready for pointing
  • The slabs I had given to me for nothing
  • Our backyard before I started the crazy paving

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