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Blind leading the blind!!!!


By massa


My husband and I dug out 2 new beds in our large lawn area and have been trying to create a cottage garden effect in them, with some success, but also a lot of mistakes.

Some plants grew a lot taller than we expected and therefore blocked out others, so we had to do a bit of moving around.

Also, because I had ordered a lot thro plant catalogues, the delivery times were erratic and not always suitable e.g. getting a lot of them in November when it is unbelievably cold up here and therefore some of the plants we put in did not materialise, much to my disappointment, because I still do not have my daisies, which I love, but on the whole it has been a great experience for both of us and we had a lot of fun, despite the rubbish summer.

Qestion – does this mean we are getting middle-aged because we have decided we like gardening?

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Yes, lol! There has always been a percentage of people who like growing things and who may go into horticulture of some kind as a career straight from school, though, but for the majority of us, we have other forms of employment and busy lives, so if you're not a natural gardener, then it comes much later on, often when there's more time. That is, the kids have left home, or you're retired - there is a phsychological factor involved too, in that the younger you are, the more focused on yourself you are, and the older you get, the more expansive and wider your view of the world. Which is why young people don't take much interest in world news, but older people do, so probably the interest in nature/gardening/environment is part of that natural progression too.
Welcome to the club, lol

13 Sep, 2012


I love this blog, have to say I`ve always enjoyed gardening even as a toddler, I was given my first plot as a child still in junior school, however I know that it really became my passion when the family grew up and didn`t need my attention so much, in my case I never classed myself as middle-aged but I did get accused quite a number of times of putting the garden first and not getting out enough, in danger of becoming a recluse in fact, lol..
As to the cottage effect and the height of your plants, I think you`ll find its happened to a lots of us, my plants are huge, I put it down to all the rain and lack of light this "summer" mind you it looks grand so I now say its all planned, lol, your garden sounds good and I`m pleased you are enjoying it despite the weather, long may it continue, it becomes a chore if you don`t like doing it....

13 Sep, 2012


I had my first garden plot when it was tiny. It was 2 feet square! Still haven't learned to do it properly - your new bed sound like mine - total chaos and badly in need of a makeover. who cares if you are middle aged? That seems young to lots of us!

13 Sep, 2012


I must have been middle aged all my life then lol :o))
But I think gardening keeps you young ...

13 Sep, 2012

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