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A few days ago we were quite surprised to see the bird feeding station had been up rooted and tossed on the ground.Where it had been sited was a very large hole.

Leading up to the area there were large pad marks both on the drive and in the surrounding soil.This could only be the work of a badger! It had also left its visiting card in the hole,which is one of their traits.
Now to think of a way to outwit this nocturnel creature!
We were advised to drill a hole in a paving stone or similar base.Any fat ball crumbs would only fall on this and the birds could easily clear them up.the feeding station pole could be inserted and down into the ground.
After a lot of drilling the bird feeder was up and looking very stable.Fingers crossed we hope this has abated the badger.Apparently they are known to be insistent,so we weren’t surprised to see the next morning that the pole ,still in the vertical position,had been swung around in another attempt to reach the balls!I fear we may have to rethink the positioning of the station.Preferably somewhere much,much higher.Will keep you posted!

Has anyone else had similar trouble with these creatures?Would love to know.

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Oh dear poor you, we have had enormous problems with bl.... badgers, sorry, but they have cost us a fortune, just before we were due to open one year they dug under the fence and dug up the lawn.....the following year each night they dug huge holes under the fence and then broke through some newly erected expensive fencing, poor OH was at his wits end........he filled all the holes with postcrete, so far so good, but we also have two cat alarms, because of all the poo from every cat within a mile of our house (I am a cat lover and always used a litter tray with ours) we think badgers may not like the high pitched sound.
Spritz had a lot of problems also, I wish you luck, if you don't want them in your garden, you need to find out where they are coming in, and block the entrance now..... also do not put peanuts out!! or apples.........hope this helps.

24 Oct, 2012


Can only keep them out of one part of my garden and that involved digging down about to 18in, setting down in heavy duty steel mesh with another 12in above ground which is attached to the fencing. But that is only a small area 20ft square the large area I just clean up behind them.
Did you know if you leave there toilet untouched they will continue to use it each night for about a week they will then fill it in with soil and start somewhere else.
Another useless observation along the way. lol

24 Oct, 2012


They seem determined ... I hope you'll be able to outwit them.

24 Oct, 2012


no prbs here but maybe not close enough to fields etc, and not entily sure if any Badgers near me julia, sorry to have had probs, i do love Badgers but feel sorry for damage caused, this is nature and they dont understand its someones garden and they must not dig up lo
sorry hope you dont get anymore trouble.

24 Oct, 2012


I hope you manage to find a solution - I know it's not ideal but could you not consider removing all traces of food for a wee while - in the hope that they will find nothing and go away elsewhere in their search?

24 Oct, 2012


Julia, nothing as major as this but now and then one comes into our garden and digs a large hole -usually in the veg patch.

What a mess it made and what a shock when you saw it. I hope you have outwitted it and spoilt its next evil little scheme.

24 Oct, 2012


Thanks everyone for your input on the "Badger"!!!I feel it will be a battle of some kind in order to outwit it!!!!(Presuming there is only one visiting us at night!!!)Poor you DD and Brian.What an excavation you both had to do.....We have now moved the whole station to a higher level and excluded the peanuts!It would be very difficult to prevent them from entering the garden......we have a wooded area opposite and there are various entry points.Several years ago we were invaded by foxes,but they eventually disappeared.The Forest of Dean which is near is overun with badgers and quite a topical subject at the moment.

25 Oct, 2012


Oh, I really feel for folks with Badger issues....they are so determined and destructive grrrrrrr!

18 Jan, 2013

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