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During the first lockdown.


Although that period of time was so restricting we were helped by a lovely young couple who live only5 minutes from us and whom we had never met before.They were volunteering in the road to give us oldies assistance…apparently we were the only ones to take up their kind offer.
It’s been a long time since then and over the last year we have become very friendly and envolved with their 2 delightful children….(socially distancing, of course.).

Last summer they increased their family by one….Logan, a very handsome Jack Russel. Both parents normally work from home so he will always have company. They are a very industrious family and have taken on board the home schooling so seriously which is good to see.

This has been a definite positive during a the lockdown, one we are so fortunate to have experienced.

Has anybody had similar situations of positivity?

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the Cul de sac we live in has really come together well during this pandemic. We live at the top end so we see everyone driving in /out during the day but once lockdown happened they would go for walks. Whilst I was renovating a border last spring most of them would stop and chat over the garden wall. So I now know them all by name rather then the couple at no 7 or No 11 etc.
We have a good age range in the street of 16 houses, 89 being the eldest and just 3 months the youngest.

When it became known I had covid we were inundated with offers of help from getting shopping to cutting the grass etc. One of the more senior gentleman came to talk to hubby across the wall as he knows isolation was 'doing his head in'.

The only new member of the family is a gerbil called Olive. She was bought from the 'adoption' section of a pet shop chain during the summer when lockdown was lifted. She gives Victoria lots of pleasure.

9 Feb, 2021


It falls one of two ways here. If we're out for a walk many run or stride past without so much as a nod. Others want to chat. We have met our new neighbours, which is good as most keep themselves to themselves. No new members added to this household.

9 Feb, 2021


Logan does look a really handsome little fellow, Julia. Very photogenic too.
I think lockdown has been dreadful hasn't it, but our faith is restored over and over by the kindness of others.
Our cul de sac has always been a friendly, look out for each other, type of place. I’ve had several offers of help from neighbours this past week, with having covid - OH too, not just me. My friends have been ahead in the queue though!
I managed to send my friend in Hornsea a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates to thank her for her hamper and other bits and bobs.
One elderly patient (92 years) on the covid ward the other week said she has been so sad as the last year has been taken away from her and she doesn’t know how long she has..she appreciated her 92 years, but, she has lost a year to the virus having to shield.
I just hope we see some light at the end of the tunnel soon...

9 Feb, 2021


Isn't that great to find there are still caring people about! Unfortunately we now live in a street and still don't know many people here!

10 Feb, 2021


Funny you should say that. I daren't tell you how many more plants and bulbs I have bought and ordered this year already, Meadow. Excuses range from "well it's Christmas", "well it's a birthday/anniversary/Valentine's" (nearly) to "I've been looking for that conifer for months and it's only £20 instead of £54...". So much for self-control.
Who needs clothes anyway? There's no-one visiting to see us.

10 Feb, 2021


So did I!

10 Feb, 2021


Sadly we have had practically no contact with neighbours - I guess its the flip side of living down a longish drive. Thank goodness for the telephone and the internet. The Young Farmers have been great doing shopping for elderly shut ins but happily OH has been great doing all ours. My poor little car has stood still for so long that the battery is quite flat and there is algae growing on the bodywork. When the weather improves a bit must get out with some soapy water...
Won't it be nice to eventually get back to normal?
As for shopping - well, I ordered some new trainers that didn't fit me, and some herbs from China that I was recommended to get,but when they came I couldn't remember what they were for, and all the label was in Chinese...
Thinking of ordering a small crabapple for the front garden so fingers crossed!

12 Feb, 2021


Oh Sue, thank goodness we have the internet nowadays - especially this past year. It must be a bit of a safety net for you having that link to essential needs like deliveries and contact.
It does restore your faith in others, when help is offered from sources around you. Sounds like OH is like my Dad. He likes to keep going and gets out there doing the necessary things for him and Mum. He is 76 this year and he walks for miles and miles and miles every day. He is a bit obsessive though when it comes to ‘not sitting down and relaxing’..he wants to be moving all the time..
I’m feeling a bit sorry for you regarding your trainers and your herbs. Although it’s a great thing the internet, there’s nothing like being in the shop and seeing the item or trying it...but, that’s easy when the shops are open and we are able to get there! I’m interested now to know what the herbs will be!
Let’s know if you order you small crabapple tree..x

13 Feb, 2021


Lol I don't think I will find out what the herbs are - my acupuncturist can read Chinese but only pin yin, the simplified characters so I fear it will all be wasted. I will keep it a while just in case though. Still dithering re the tree... Hope you are well on the road to recovery .

13 Feb, 2021

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