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A Very memorable visit to Bristol University. (There are gardening conne...


We are still recovering from the shock…..4 weeks ago our youngest son,Owen, gave us the news of his lockdown achievement… many others he wanted to use the time in a positive way instead of wasting it.
His Castle Card Gallery had been locked down with an unsure future like many retail outlets.
After much deliberation he decided to return to education and applied to a Bristol college to sit 3 Alevels in a year…History,English and Psychology.
Being a very mature student he wasn’t sure whether he would be accepted but luckily he was.
Head down religiously day after day,month after month, unbeknown to us,his dedicated hard work paid off….he won a scholarship at Bristol University for a honours 3 year degree course.
We have only known for awhile and were in tears when he told us, but very proud as you can imagine.
I have come upon a few other people who have done a similar thing during those long,miserable ’ stay at home’ months which I hope are not repeated this winter.

Please excuse the initial,personal build up to this blog but I had to set the scene for our most enjoyable visit to Bristol today.
In between his lectures Owen was able to walk us around the beautiful buildings and green spaces.At certain times the walkways were suddenly invaded by fellow students busily travelling from lecture to lecture.
Years ago our business was in Bristol but we had no idea how many parks and green spaces there were.Today was so enlighten ing….a positive all round.
Hope you enjoy the following photos.they are the ‘gardening bits’..there were many pieces of modern art dotted around the grounds too.

A very old beautiful Cotoneaster tree

The rainbow colours were reflected on the fallen,Autumnal leaves.

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Well --- let me be the first to congratulate him and rejoice with you! That's a wonderful achievement. I can't imagine getting three A levels in a year!! Its lovely to hear how you enjoyed your visit to Bristol - not too far for a visit too... Sending best wishes for a successful and enjoyable course!

21 Oct, 2021


Julia, I know I've conveyed my best wishes and thoughts to you both and Owen recently...but, I'd like to offer my congratulations and sincere best regards once again!!!!
It is such a wonderful thing he has undertaken during recent stressful and uncertain times...
I can only wish him the very best for his future and for the family too.
He's achieved so much in a short time...especially with lockdown affecting so many people in retail especially.
Thank you for sharing your lovely experience at Bristol University...smashing blog and beautiful pics x

21 Oct, 2021


well done Owen and you have every right to be 'proud as Punch'. 3 A-levels is not to be sniffed at and so pleased that has lead to a degree course. What is he reading?

Uni is brilliant no matter what age you are. He is going to have an amazing time.

there are many lovely green spaces for him to enjoy. glad you enjoyed your walk around with him.

22 Oct, 2021


Well done him!

22 Oct, 2021


I woke up this morning to see your generous, kind comments.(welling up yet again!)..thank you so much everyone....
Eileen,he is reading History and English and thoroughly enjoying the whole experience...
Now onto the garden..I seem to have lost sight of it these few was one of cutting back the Peonies and generally tidying....hoping to cut the grass too.November is creeping up....tulips will have to be planted. Always have that expectant feeling when they are in the ground.

22 Oct, 2021


What great news and wonderful achievement. It shows great character to turn difficulties into something so positive. I'm all for adult education - good luck to him!

22 Oct, 2021


Thank you so much,Angx

22 Oct, 2021


Congratulations to your son … that’s an amazing achievement! And lovely photos of the campus too - I love the sphere of triangular coloured glass. A very inspiring blog Julia, thank you 🙂.

22 Oct, 2021


Thank you so much,Sheila....I do agree with you about the coloured glass was a sunny day which reflected the colours greatly.We stood looking for quite awhile.

23 Oct, 2021


Beautiful photos, I love that window.

Congratulations to Owen on his wonderful achievement. You are very proud grandparents :)

23 Oct, 2021


Thank you so much was such a memorable day.

24 Oct, 2021


Congratulations to your son on his great achievements.
Bristol is a lovely place, love your photos.

26 Oct, 2021


Marjorie,that's so kind of you....

26 Oct, 2021


Inspiring blog Meadowland and congratulation to Owen. You should be proud. Beautiful photos from your visit too.

28 Oct, 2021


So pleased you enjoyed reading about the day's visit....I will pass on your congratulations.

29 Oct, 2021


What an incredible achievement Julia, no wonder you are so proud of him, and all unbeknown to you both. Congratulations to him!
What a stunning round, or rose? window, it is so beautiful, and timeless. Also the arched ceiling work is amazing to see. I always find this type of stonework so therapeutic, putting our daily worries right in the corner. Stone masons must have spent their whole lives creating such wonder..
The coloured glass 'snail shell' is lovely to see, how creative of someone to design such a gorgeously reflective piece!
Really enjoyed it..:))

1 Nov, 2021


Janey,your comments are so kind...thank you so muchx

1 Nov, 2021

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