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A dreary,dull New year's day walk.


Always on New year’s day we walk in the Forest of Dean along the sculpture trail…forgive me if some of the photos are a repeat from last year.
Although no sun,it was mild and dry.The coloured glass window is the start and how beautiful it is depicting all the flora and fauna of the forest.

There are hundreds of Larch trees.

The following photo shows the roots of the Miseltoes.

How attractive the fallen moss covered branches are.

This particular stream was coloured by iron oxide .

Some of the larger trees had been brought down during the storms.


The next photos show some of the sculptures dotted along the trail.

After an hour’s walk we reached Speech House which was originally a 17th century hunting lodge.Feeling very ready for a cup of coffee we decided to give it a miss.Outside there was a group gathered and some Morris dancers,all without masks,it didn’t feel safe.Pity really because we were gasping! I’m sure inside it would have been the same…oh well,back to our usual haunt in safe ‘Wales’!

Having arrived home we popped the roast beef joint into the oven and sat down to a welcome glass of Marlborough whilst watching the Vienna concert.Must remember to check on the chicks after!
Hope you enjoyed x

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Grand walk! But NB Wales is not "safe" any longer - Covid is rampaging.

1 Jan, 2022


There is a greater feeling of safety in Wales when the majority of people are wearing masks and adhering to distancing,Stera.

1 Jan, 2022


Glad you had a walk that was healthy for your body, well being and Covid safe. Happy 2022.

1 Jan, 2022


Siris, I second your comment! Lovely blog Julia . . . happy new year to you and yours.

1 Jan, 2022


Thank you Siris and Sheila..we felt very refreshed, both mentally and physically, from the walk.Happy New Year to you bothx

1 Jan, 2022


Sorry Shirley, I had Sheila's name on my mind!!

1 Jan, 2022


Even though there was dampness in the air and under foot it still looked beautiful and you must have felt so much better for being out in it.

The stained glass at the beginning was gorgeous.

1 Jan, 2022


Thank you for the walk Julia! I loved the stained glass! It's a shame you couldn't stop for a well earned drink! It is so annoying when people don't wear masks, isn't it!
We watched the Vienna concert too which we really enjoyed.

2 Jan, 2022


Thanks for taking us on your walk through the Forest of Dean, Julia. It looked lovely, all misty and ethereal too.
The stained glass is quite beautiful..
I'll bet you both thoroughly enjoyed that first walk of the year!
I can understand you giving the Speech House a miss for coffee...just avoiding 'maskless' places where and when you can - it's all good!
Hope you enjoyed your lovely New Year's lunch.

2 Jan, 2022


I would love to revisit the Forest - your blog reminded me. I understand both Wales and Scotland are more stringent in their rules than in England. I'm happy to be in England. We have to learn to live with it now.

2 Jan, 2022


Wales,especially seems to be more restricted....I'm afraid I just go with them.One day,maybe we are starting to do it now,as you say,Ang,we may have to live with it...
The Forest is very varied, some parts are pretty dismal where local industry has shut down,but on a brighter note,there are some beautiful parts.
Pleased to have given you a memory flashback.

2 Jan, 2022


Well, it might have been a dull & dreary day,but that was a lovely walk in the woods for us all. I love trees & the mossy logs look nice, also liked the first sculpture in the trees. Happy New Year to you.

2 Jan, 2022


Lovely place for a walk, The glass window is splendid.

2 Jan, 2022


Thank you FF and Hywel. A very Happy New year to you both.

3 Jan, 2022


No one has mentioned vaccination. I have had an initial two shot vaccination and developed blindness in one eye for about 5 hours before the clot dissolved and full eyesight returned (a true miracle for having impaired blood circulation for so long)all attributed to the vaccine and adverse effect reported. No ones to blame for this incident since we are are all “ strangers in paradise” in combating this bioweapon, which is my own personal view of this bug. Yet I decided to get the booster shot when I saw what happened to a fully vaccinated but not boostered friend of mine when she acquired a breakthrough variant D. Thankfully the monoclonal antibody infusion gave her a miraculous recovery. That D variant is very, very nasty. The initial symptoms are mild but within 24 hours ones health starts to go horribly down hill. The safest place to be ? If you look around and see no one else, such as in these wonderful pictures, that’s the place. Don’t have too much confidence with masks alone unless it is a custom test fitted(with irritating vapor) N95 mask and eye protection which I wore as a retired healthcare worker providing volunteer services in certain areas of severe viral outbreak (incarcerated populations) pre and post vaccination availability. Do whatever you can to protect yourself but in my opinion, total avoidance is still a roll of the dice.

3 Jan, 2022


So sorry, LS,to hear of your eye problem after vaccination..
I wonder how many others were affected.
Certainly with you as regards safest place to be.....

3 Jan, 2022


Yes, I’m sorry you’ve had quite awful adverse effects post vaccination. I do hope you have fully recovered, Loosestrife? It must’ve been really quite frightening.
I’m a specialist nurse who works with renal patients, they are so anxious and worried about catching the virus. They’ve all had two vaccinations and a booster. I can’t recall any having side effects - fingers doubly crossed! Thank heavens!
Things are getting tough again here with the new variant. As you and Julia said, avoidance where and when possible is the best!

3 Jan, 2022


Love the larch trees Julia and they haven't turned to gold yet? I can.imagine walking there is very peaceful and calming...I took a deep breath looking at your photos..:)

5 Jan, 2022


For compromised patients ,the constant worry of catching the variant must be awful even though they have been triple vaccinated,Kate.
Janey,that's good to hear you could sense the tranquillity in the forest.My photos weren't too clear.

6 Jan, 2022


Yes, you're so right, Julia! So many staff off with the Omicron variant in my nhs trust.
My friend whose husband retired from BP last spring, has returned for 6 months or so. He mentioned 50% of the work staff are off with covid there..

7 Jan, 2022


Take extra care,Kate,which I'm sure you dox

7 Jan, 2022

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