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‘Naked’ purely because I forgot my camera this morning.(whether they would have uploaded,I don’t know)..each day we walk along the lane 5 minutes from where we are living….half way down there is a drive which,either side,is awash with snowdrops….you can’t just pass by,they are so beautiful. The first time I stopped to admire them the owner was in the garden…she has been increasing her stock over many years.

The leaves are beginning to show on the arched tree branches which form a canopy over the lane.

The lambs are here too in the adjoining fields.Mothers very protective.

This morning’s walk ,peaceful and safe,was a far cry from what the Ukrainian residents are experiencing at the moment…I couldn’t help but reflect on it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will remember the camera and show you the snowdrops.

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I've had the same thoughts as you, Meadow, and I don't suppose we're alone. We watch and wait. Certainly Mother Nature is a good mental restorative and the snowdrops have been delightful this year.

24 Feb, 2022


I am the same. Always have been one for nature. As a child I'd walk down to the beach and sit and watch the waves to help me relax.

24 Feb, 2022


Today we have the third and final side of our garden fence being removed and replaced. The two Polish guys are doing a brilliant job in the hail showers and we have spoken with them about the Ukraine/Russia situation. Interesting to hear their opinion, which is more or less what the world, apart from Putin, are thinking . . . :o(

24 Feb, 2022


Looking forward to your pictures Julia!
It sounded a lovely walk!

24 Feb, 2022


Definitely a therapeutic diversion from everything at the moment, Julia. Thinking of Covid, which has now been replaced with worrying and frightening situation in Ukraine.
I do hope the springtime scenery helped you recharge and refresh this morning.

24 Feb, 2022


Your description makes it sound lovely and peaceful, far cry from what is happening, my thoughts are for the youngsters as they have been in the last 2yrs, its all so sad isn't it...

24 Feb, 2022


Sounds like such a lovely walk and you described the scenery so very well.
One crisis seems to follow another at the moment and there is no reprieve from it all.
Focus on the beauty of nature as much as you can.

24 Feb, 2022


I could see it all beautifully in my mind :)

24 Feb, 2022


As Voltaire’s Candide realized, one must tend to one’s own garden in order to find a peaceful refuge from this kind of madness. I do not know if anyone has played the arcade game “Whack-A-Mole” where a mole pops up out of a hole and as soon as you whack it back down into it another pops up from another hole in a different location of the playing board. If one considers the mole to represent world strife in whatever form it takes, this game is the finest representation of the course of human events that I know....knock down one problem another pops up somewhere else ad infinitum.

25 Feb, 2022


Thank goodness we have our gardens to take our minds off it all, even temporarily.
Has anyone else found that snowdrops don't seem to have done quite as well as usual this year? There are usually masses of them round here - I think they are naturalised but they grow on the verges and in woodland.

26 Feb, 2022


We’ve seen masses of snowdrops in this area Sue, I’m happy to say 🙂.

27 Feb, 2022

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