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Sunday morning walk.


Lake as usual….a few photos taken during our walk.
The day started very grey as you can see but eventually opened up.

The Geese army were out in full force

The next few photos show some of the flora growing around the lake.

Last photo taken this morning across the front garden. Lawn suffering at the moment.

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Thanks for sharing, Julia. Good to see the grey sky soon disappeared for you! Hope you enjoyed your walk! I do like pic 4 - it has a lovely E.M Forster feel to it…or you could sit and read a book nearby..
Your lawn looks pretty good from here! Ours is suffering a little too.

3 Jul, 2022


It’s such a serene looking area..definitely worth getting the paintbrush out for!
Funny you should say, but, OH is thinking of feeding ours this week too. I think I’ve possibly had the mower on too low a setting…mine is short.

3 Jul, 2022


Your garden looks gorgeous, the planting so organized and tidy. You lawn is 100% better than mine.

3 Jul, 2022


That looks a pleasant walk. The tree across the river reminds me of the River Cam with its overhanging willows..
Love the photo of your garden, stunning. I wouldn't worry about the grass. We have had very little proper rain here and what isn't parched the moles have dug up. Swop you?

4 Jul, 2022


I would love a bigger garden, but I want the gardener to go with it!

5 Jul, 2022


Lovely photo's Julia, its a nice lake to wander around despite the company, I'm always a bit wary of the geese, they got to be quite aggressive in our town meadows...Your garden looks an absolute picture, my lawn is in a very similar condition, daren't feed it whilst its so dry, I'm sure it would burn it and make it worse....

5 Jul, 2022


Lovely pic of your garden, Meadowland. I have just been watering my garden, so dry, I wish it would rain ( all night) , of course. :-)

5 Jul, 2022


A lovely walk again Julia and a pristine front garden as usual!

6 Jul, 2022


I'm on 'catch-up' with blogs and photos ... your walk looks really inviting ... but I confess to being a bit scared of Geese after half a dozen chased me in a park when the children were young enough to be in a double buggy!

I imagine your lawn is now very brown and parched ... as is ours ... :o(

18 Jul, 2022


Grass is very resilient and always greens up ... eventually!
The only green patch on our lawn is where the birds bathe/splash/drink from the dish of water I leave out for them ... :o)

19 Jul, 2022

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