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A few photos taken today after a morning of jobs.


I can safely say the grass is picking up! I’ve removed the large Dahlia tuber from the middle border….it was covered in blackfly and far too tall for that position. Note to self only one Dahlia next year…too much watering!
Autumn changes seem to be on my mind now.Planted some Erythroniums and white Anemones alongside the shaded side of the house.
The local GC were selling the sweet ‘Sugar rush’Wallflowers today….planted those with the Daff bulbs from last Spring which had been stored inside.I remember from last year they lasted so well.
It was a day of numerous small jobs…the two blue wooden poles needed a lick of 🎨 paint too.

Hope you all were able to ‘make hay while the sun shone’ in more comfortable temperatures.

Harold had to be moved yet again…you can just see him beneath the foliage.He has totally rusted now.

The newly planted Pennisetum rubra has produced 3 more flower spikes.

Burgundy Ice with its second flush.Another reliable rose.

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Looking good Julia. I do like the Pennisetum rubra … is it hardy where you live?

27 Aug, 2022


Thank you Sheila...Not sure but I'm going to protect it this winter...mulch it well.Such an attractive one.

27 Aug, 2022


Your property always look wonderful Julia. You do such good job keeping it so pretty. You seem to live for your garden and it shows.

27 Aug, 2022


Klahanie that is so very sweet of you..thank you.You are right ,I do live for my garden....only half of the garden would suit me now though!

27 Aug, 2022


the garden is looking so good Julia. I should get out and do some of those small jobs but I am in the middle of making a quilt for the end of September.

I will spray the bindweed from next door that is enjoying my soil.

27 Aug, 2022


Thank you Eileen...if only I had the talent of yours....another beautiful quilt! Do show us when it is finished.
The bindweed is quite a problem for many this year.It rears its head here, thankfully in an area which is ironically covered by a thick barrier.

28 Aug, 2022


It must have been a day for working outside - we were busy, too, sorting roses in pots. Your garden is a masterclass, as always. I have some pennisetum to plant, too. It looks like I have landed myself with more plants to pamper over the winter! That was unintentional. I shall be interested to see how yours fares.

28 Aug, 2022


Ange,were you able to save your Acer collection?I do hope so.The Abies has pulled through only because we had a night of heavy rain. Not sure whether you like Hebes..
They have done well Something to think about.

28 Aug, 2022


Yes I was, Meadow. Amazing - we put them in the shade and left them in watered trays for the 12 days we were away. They came through fine, and so did the roses I am growing on. You never can tell. The borders, however, are a different story..
I have one hebe that I have taken cuttings of and they are all ok. So are the penstemons, although they have stopped flowering.

28 Aug, 2022


That was a good decision...what would you like me to do with the Gilenia plant?

28 Aug, 2022


All looking very pristine, Julia! Lots of colour still blooming, plus the "greenery" is looking very colourful too. Attractive backdrop to your perennials and other plants. Our grass is greening up and the new turf pieces look OK, fingers crossed 🤞.
The pennisetum looks well positioned, good to see it has plumes developing too.
Our acer thankfully have survived..albeit a couple of scorched leaves on the ends of one or 2. Seems to be the lime coloured leaves.

28 Aug, 2022


I do like that Pennisetum, fingers crossed for the Winter months.
Felt a lot better when I saw Adam's grass in GWorld.
The dark leaved Acers seem to tolerate the sun much better than the green leaved ones.

28 Aug, 2022


Some corners of your garden I don't remember seeing before - all just as lovely. It's an inspiration.

3 Sep, 2022


Stera that's so kind of you..yesterday I returned to my Art and sat for 3 it feels more like a days gardening!! Stiff all over!Will have to use an alarm.

4 Sep, 2022

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