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The first photo shows 2 beautiful shrub roses bought very cheaply from a supermarket..the nearest one behaves very well..the furthest one is a very strong grower and always leans forward partly to gain more light away from the trees…previous attempts to straighten this have failed although the blooms are very prolific. Really didn’t want to remove it.Today we decided to give it a premature Autumn prune and insert a pole into the ground beside it which will give support.
The blooms I cut to bring inside…it doesn’t look too attractive now but with a low growing sub shrub infront ( does anyone have any suggestions?) and Tulip bulbs planted in November it should be OK.

The following photo shows the blooms inside.

….and then it was onto removing those brambles….there’s always something.

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Beautiful colour roses, Meadow, the supermarket ones are often very good value buys. I sometimes wonder why we're all tempted into parting with 10's of pounds for often inferior 'branded' ones. Excellent marketing and media influence I suspect! The yellow really pops against your conifers. I cut back my 'Lady of Shalott' extensively last year this time and she has bounced back.

29 Aug, 2022


Gorgeous roses, Julia! Look very pretty in your vase too. I think supermarkets have been really good value, I've bought many plants from different ones. I spoke to OH about our roses after you'd been discussing the topic recently. He says he thinks roses don't do so well in out garden. Have to admit, apart the the clambering sprawler at the back, we've struggled. Hebes and roses...🙁
Agree with Ange, the yellow really stands out against the rich green.

29 Aug, 2022


That's such a shame Kate..I often see you post rose photos taken from your patients gardens.This year many of ours have had the wretched sawfly attack...a beautiful plant but does require attention.The latest count here is 35! No more!
It must be your soil Kate,re: the Hebes...don't you think?
The ones here really don't have any attention except an annual feed.

30 Aug, 2022


Lovely yellow roses, pity about the sawfly attacks though.

30 Aug, 2022


Beautiful vaseful! Just wondering about perhaps one of those dwarf red leaved Berberis? There are several shades including a really dark one that would make an attractive contrast with the golden flowers.
It's a shame about the sawfly. Don't know if its habits are like gooseberry sawfly - but that overwinters in the soil under the plant and if you spread a black plastic sheet around the plant they can't get out through it in the summer to attack again and there is no further damage, with no chemicals needed.

3 Sep, 2022


Hi Julia, you're right I'm sire about our soil regards the hebe plants, I'll just have to enjoy all the pretty ones on GoY.
I struggle with roses
too 🙁
The one I bought early summer - Rosa Pinky, its supposed to be repeat flowering...I'm going to see if it bounces back next year. Possibly the hot weather and it hadn't had chance to root and establish?
I do like to covet my patients roses on my rounds...just to admire and enjoy the fragrances..

3 Sep, 2022


I have a friend who has struggled similarly with Roses and has decided to stop growing them...I'm not sure whether it's true that Roses grow well in more of an unclean atmosphere, perhaps near busy roads etc.

4 Sep, 2022


Stera thank you for the tip about the Sawfly...I will try that for the potted ones.I'm wondering how deep they hibernate in the soil.

4 Sep, 2022


The roses I transplanted two years ago have really struggled this summer, I was getting very concerned about them but they have perked up since we got some proper rain, the climbers have excelled though, that actually does agree with your thoughts, all are very close to the fencing, very poor soil, they rarely suffer with blackspot, sawfly or any other ailment and never get fed.....Nearly forgot to say!!... The roses are beautiful and really stand out amongst the conifers ..x

7 Sep, 2022


Thank you's a very dry border....I've added the Curry plant and one Hidcote infront of the tall shrub rose.

7 Sep, 2022


...I meant sorry...I should have gone to Specsavers!!!
I'm planning to move a rose in mentioned you had done that...I've read that watering is really necessary in the first few months...ah well,crossing my fingers!

12 Sep, 2022

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