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A Quandary??


As you all know our tall trees at the back of our garden have to be trimmed every Autumn…Ray,of whom we are very fond and known for 20 years, told us he wasn’t able to do this for us until is BP has been stabalised and that he would update us in a month. In the meantime we thought we should see if we could find someone else,which we did….Someone who has a cherry picker and a good reputation. We felt confident in giving him the job.BP levels are very precarious and affected by the least thing.
This morning who should we have a call from…Ray!His BP has stabilized and he is able to resume his work…
I felt very awkward but had to tell him the situation….he was very understanding….I did say our smaller trees would still require trimming. I feel we have done the correct thing…watch this space in a week’s time!

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If he has not been taking his blood pressure at home several times a day for a few months, there is no way of knowing for sure. One must also take into account the side effects of the blood pressure meds he is taking to stabilize it which include dizziness and lethargy sometimes pronounced until they have been taken for some time. No...not so fast with regards to Ray. You did the right thing jobbing it out to the person with the cherry picker. It’s much better than having to peel ray off the ground of your property.

31 Oct, 2022


I'm sure you've done the right thing Julia. You are looking out for his safety too. He probably is relieved really that you're not waiting for him..:)

1 Nov, 2022


That is hard when you have always had Ray in the past but I think you did the right thing, the guilt you would feel if he collapsed whilst doing a job for you would be much harder to deal with, as you say he can still do the smaller trees ...

1 Nov, 2022


Thats good then, he is probably relieved to not have the bigger ones to do M'land... I still have a bad chest, I cannot shake it off, I'm using my inhalers every day and now I'm taking Benilyn ( the horrible tasting one, YUK) nothing else has worked, thing is I don't have a cough with it, I'm beginning to wish I hadn't been good and had the injections, I was healthy before... Grrrrr !!!

1 Nov, 2022


I agree with everyone Julia! You have done the right thing!

2 Nov, 2022

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