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A Nocturnal visitor!


You can imagine my surprise when I stepped outside this morning…An uninvited visitor had left its mark….the actual Cyclamen plants( newly planted in the restored area) had been dug out,pots knocked over and in the blue, long planter some of the violas were thrown on the ground…I noticed half eaten discarded nut shells on the patio. The succulents growing in the lovely blue ceramic planter were scrapped out too.

That morning my son saw a badger slowly stroll across his patio probably checking it out for his nocturnal activity!
All looks rather dishevelled at the moment but has spurred me on to planting the tulip bulbs(deeply) now it’s November …there is plenty of chicken wire also to provide protection….what we have to do to prevent invaders.!
Mind you I’m accusing the badger but of course it could have been the squirrels.

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I stopped buying bulbs for mice dig them up . I don't really do garden now for too many pests

3 Nov, 2022


Julia, I had a similar problem last year and never did find the culprit!

4 Nov, 2022


Oh Julia! What a nightmare for you. I’m guessing maybe squirrels? May be a fox?
I had a patient several years ago and he had the same issues, it was due to squirrels in his case.

4 Nov, 2022


I've given a like for the cheek of the culprit but that is something that would actually really get my dander up, we are lucky here as don't have those sort of problems...

4 Nov, 2022


Every morning without fail I have to clear the pavers in the rose garden, the earth gets scattered every day, now of course its mud, very often have to replant pansies and violas, sometimes bulbs, its the blackbirds I'm sure, now I love birds, they are part of our garden but why out of a garden this size do the little beggars have to pick that area M'land, its frustrating me so much that next year I'm already planning to dig the plants and bulbs out, put a liner in and lay granite around the rose bushes, I can still have colour if I want for springtime as I can stand pots on the pavers....

4 Nov, 2022


A badger can be a pain - they have such big feet. Hope it doesn't decide to dig a latrine in the lawn.

4 Nov, 2022


Sorry i ticked 'like', what devastation. Pity the badger didnt stay in the countryside.

5 Nov, 2022


So sorry to see this Julia. You must have been really annoyed! I suppose digging for grubs and worms, but if you used bought compost, there wouldn't be any in the pots. To see them knocked over like that you would think it was a badger though or a dog? Well whatever it was, let's hope they didn't find what they wanted, so won't be back..x

5 Nov, 2022


Yes, creatures are creatures, no malice intended with them. Freezing cold here today, no planting bulbs outside. Most of my tulips will be in pots, new ones this year..:o)

5 Nov, 2022


Sorry to hear of your visitors & their unwelcome activities. It’s so annoying, having to put it all straight again.I hope the netting will do the job. The squirrels dig like that in my garden too, but they don’t knock the pots over!

5 Nov, 2022


You'll probably be able to spot a footprint somewhere - they aren't like anybody else's. I got rid of one here by scattering a bit of chilli powder where it was messing up, but once I got a bit in my own eye and it was so painful I vowed I would never do it again to any creature.

7 Nov, 2022


I used chilli powder once to stop the squirrels. I had to put a polythene bag over my head as the stuff made me gasp. However I looked out of the window after & the squirrels were happily digging away completely oblivious to it,so it just didn’t work,waste of money. What are they affected by, I wonder.

11 Nov, 2022

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