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Chelsea just not the same for me this year.How about for you?


Colour seems to have taken second place this year except for magenta .Brambles are very much part of the exhibition gardens…if only we lived nearer when they were designing them….they would have been free!
The aesthetics of weeds/wild flowers included too.

The living wall of houseplants seemed rather dull.

On a positive note how good to meet the Austin family David and Barbara.Her perrenial nursery would be a very special visit.

Of course it is all about sustainability not just a one season planting…..I have much to learn.

Carol’s coat dress didn’t disappoint. So very vivid and cheerful which matches her personality. Chelsea wouldn’t be the same without her.

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I agree with Julia, from what we have seen so far the gardens look very dull and almost grey in colour. Weeds and brambles did get quite a few mentions didn’t they?
I am curious to see what the other programmes will be focusing on - I fear I might be disappointed!!! I do hope we see colour and variety and beautiful flowers.

22 May, 2023


I must say the constant 'preaching' has got on my nerves _ they seemed to be hooked on half a dozen buzzwords from the 'woke' songsheet. And why does every garden have to have a 'story' which they then have to explain? What happened to enjoyment for enjoyment's sake? I don't think I can bear to watch any more of it.. I'm fed up with being lectured!

22 May, 2023


I agree too. I suppose at the end of the day, there's only so many garden types that created. The garden Monty was so in love with to me looked very drab. Cleve West didn't seem.too enamoured by showing his garden either. Yes, Carol is always a delight and she is looking very much younger!..:))
I must admit I changed channels half way through.

23 May, 2023


It does seem to be "wild" time this year, even the presenters were saying as much, who would've thought Cow Parsley was now fashion?

One good thing, my unkempt lawn with daises & buttercups is now on trend

I am biased for this year though because my granddaughter is there on the Sparsholt College display, and they have won Gold, the theme was eating wild stuff, so more weeds are good for you
My granddaughter Charlotte at Chelsea

23 May, 2023


I agree about Carols outfit…beautiful! But I thought everything looked super colourful this year. I must say, some of it a bit OTT on the colour for me ( the gay wedding garden…eugh). And one thing I think RHS really ought to reconsider is exhibits of unseasonal plants. It’s confusing for inexperienced gardeners and the last thing I want to see in May is Dahlias and Chrysanths. I would prefer to see seasonal plants within reason and then they could have a big autumn show at Tatton Park or maybe Bridgewater. Funny how we take away such differing impressions!

23 May, 2023


And I totally agree about the Woke lecturing. It totally turns me off. Alan Titchmarsh said similar too. All this weed cultivation. Blah blah blah. We are gardeners. If you want a wild garden, go and live in a wild place. Urban developments are not the right place for dandelions, there are plenty in the verges. If you let weeds grow, your neighbours may not appreciate all the seedlings!

23 May, 2023


Well done to Charlotte, Grandads garden.!

23 May, 2023


Well done from me also charlotte on winning gold.

23 May, 2023


There's heavy irony in the hectoring about sustainability (which I do think is a good thing) when the whole show is ephemeral and is pulled apart after a week. Gardeners are aware of green issues generally.
As for colourful outfits, I thought too many of the female presenters looked as if they were wearing their grandmothers' curtains.

23 May, 2023


Well what cheeses me off is that wildflowers are called weeds! Most of the plants we grow have come from native wildflower plants from all over the world. Perhaps if we'd left Jap knotweed, Rhododenron ponticum, Hymalian Balsam and Giant hogweed to name 4, in their native countries our countryside wouldn't be in such a mess.

Sorry for the rant!- but my daughter and son in law are working hard to help get our countryside back to some form of natural balance where our butterflies, moths, bees etc can survive in balance. Perhaps the gardening programmes are to blame. Pedalling new varieties of flowers that do nothing to provide food etc, but to make money from people who want the latest fashion.........

I'll shut up now as I dont want to offend my friends on here. Gardens are such subjective places.

23 May, 2023


I agree with most of the above comments, and it hasn't done anything at all for me so far., I've decided I'm not going to watch the rest ! bah humbug !!

23 May, 2023


Well we all seem to be of the same opinion.....Will look at tonight's programme and if it's on a similar trend the TV will go off. I'm wondering just how the presenters really feel inside.The gold achievers will be very interesting. Today I noticed how many of the roundabouts locally were full of wild flowers....nothing structured.

23 May, 2023


I record the programme, this means I can fast forward stuff that either has no interest to me, or just annoy me greatly!

Let's just say a lot of fast-forwarding has been happening.

Things that have annoyed me are creating a bereavement garden, gardens that have to have a story, florists having to contend with a theme of 'Bins and Lamp posts', a gay wedding, Cleve West's Homelessness garden, he should have built a shop door way and laid down cardbard for a bed, a Gorilla nest ... oh come on !!!!!

I shall get off my soapbox now ... I just can't 'engage' with RHS Chelsea Flower Show at all this year.

23 May, 2023


Julia I am watching Chelsea on Day Two and tearing my hair out!!
All I can say is ‘ Thank goodness for Chris Beardshaw!!’
Most of what I am seeing is just awful!

23 May, 2023


Chris my words exactly..couldn't be any one else..what a delightful garden he designed.
One very cheery site was Monty donning(sorry for the pun)that spectacular red scarf...colour at last!
Did you see Talitha Arts garden? A young couple exhibiting for the first time...the garden had those beautiful white porcelain butterflies 🦋
dotted around.

23 May, 2023


Yes I did like the Talitha Arts garden and was so pleased for them.
But honestly I am left underwhelmed!!

23 May, 2023


P.S. Oh yes Monty did look good in his red scarf!!!

23 May, 2023


Yes Julia, the Talitha Arts garden was joyous and I loved those butterflies!

Have to say, I’m enjoying seeing some lovely designs from the comfort of my armchair 🙂.

23 May, 2023


Perhaps I shouldn't have read your blog on Chelsea, Meadowland, as I haven't seen any more other than day 1 on the BBC iPlayer, not sure I want to catch up now!!! 😆

31 May, 2023


Oh dear Balcs,I hope I haven't spoilt it for you! Ha ha.

31 May, 2023


Don't worry I can see it when I forget your comments! 😆 😆 😆

3 Jun, 2023


Ha ha!

4 Jun, 2023

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