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Gone and done it now!


By meanie


My Erythrina “Crista Galli” has had an ongoing problem with red spider mite.
I’ve tried several products with very little success – the most effective almost did the plant in! However, by misting it twice a day since July it looked as though I had finally got rid of them. That was until last week, when they popped back up.
Before I bought everything back in for the winter, the conservatory was cleaned top to bottom, so I have to assume that they had lain dormant in the hollow stems (or somewhere). I can’t risk my other plants falling prey to the little sods, so I though to hell with it – it can go out in the frost for a couple of nights!
I seem to recall that Andrewr had some limited success with over-wintering this outside, so hopefully the plant will recover. If it still looks ok in a week or so, I may well repeat the process.
I’ve ordered some of the microscopic predators too. not sure if they will last if there’s no “food” left for them though.
Now all I need to do is to find something that’s effective on the Totrix moth that is blighting my Sollya!

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Good luck meanie. Those red spider mites are terrible little beasties!

15 Nov, 2010


They've been a pain on this particular plant - it must taste good!

15 Nov, 2010


I hope the frost does the trick Meanie , fingers crossed !

15 Nov, 2010


I hope your plan works. It would be a shame to lose it.

15 Nov, 2010


Thanks chaps! I would hate to lose this one.

16 Nov, 2010


I am praying for you Meanie.

17 Nov, 2010



Have all the leaves fallen off your E. crista-galli? Generally, it goes deciduous in winter. During winter you can control the little red mites a little easier when the tree is dormant.

18 Nov, 2010


I think that I will stick it in the garage for the winter!

18 Nov, 2010



It should do's a really hardy tree. It's native to southern Brazil and hardy to USDA Zone 8a (10F/-12C - 15F/-9.4C)

18 Nov, 2010


We dread finding red spidermite in the nursery, the damage they cause is horrendous.we spray with Savona/white oil, especially under the leaves, and use bio-control Phyloseiulus \ Amblyseius predatory mites.

20 Nov, 2010


I've put it in the garage for the winter now - I can't risk the infection spreading. I'm hoping that the cold should keep them at bay until spring. My bio control have been shared out amongst the "clean" plants as a precaution though.
I wanted to give it a head start on the season though.....

20 Nov, 2010

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