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Stuffed Marrow


By meanie


A little late for this recipe really, but it works well in other squashes (such as spaghetti squash) too.

You’ll need;
500g of lambs mince
1 large onion diced quite small
dried mint
tomato puree
200g of chopped tomato

Dry fry (as near as you dare anyway) the lambs mince. If you like a bit of zing (as I do), give it a good spattering of ground black pepper (not freshly ground) at this point. It adheres to the mince and becomes more apparent than adding it later. This pepper trick is optional, but works well in all mince based dishes.
Empty the mince into a dish, return the pan to the heat and fry the onion. There should be enough residual fat left from the mince for this. Add the dried mint (about a heaped tablespoon) and about 75g of tomato puree. As the oil in the puree separates, add the tomatoes and return the mince to the pan.
Season to taste.
Allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes.
As it has dried herbs, I like to do do this about 4 hours or so before it goes in the oven. The night before is fine too.
Chop the marrow into sections of 50/60mm and hollow out. Take a piece of foil large enough to wrap the marrow section in and using the back of a spoon smear butter around the centre for the marrow to sit on. Fill the marrow with the mixture and wrap.
Bake in the oven at 200 deg c for 40 minutes.

Depending on how many that you’re cooking for, you may well have some mix left over. It makes fantastic pasties, or freezes well for next time!

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that sounds lovely meanie. i fancy making that. :-))

2 Dec, 2010


Why not freshly ground pepper please? Sounds yummy. I fear too much veg. for my OH, but I would love it!

2 Dec, 2010


Karen - the fine ground stuff clings to the mince and offers a "zing". As I say, that bit is optional.

2 Dec, 2010


OK, I see! :)) Thanks!

2 Dec, 2010


I read the title of this blog and was immediately transported back in time as my dear old Mum used to make a version of this. My sister and I both hated it and tried so hard to be excused from the table ... lol ! I'm sure your recipe is far tastier than our Mums was.

2 Dec, 2010


I used to hate it as a child too Shirley. I think that the difference is that I enjoy cooking, for my Mum it was a chore!

2 Dec, 2010


Mum was a pretty good cook, standard wholesome food of the era I suppose. I also remember her doing stuffed hearts for our Dad, skinning a rabbit to make stew and I refused to to eat the stew as the rabbit had been shot by a chap along the road! Well, I was young at the time and thought he was the cruellest man alive!

2 Dec, 2010


Love this Meanie we often have it but use Ground Harissa instead of pepper. yummy.

2 Dec, 2010


I haven't had rabbit in ages Shirley. I used to ferret them with my Grampy.

2 Dec, 2010


Now there's a thought Stroller!
I sometimes splash the marrow with Worcester sauce before cooking too.

2 Dec, 2010


Oh yes, a splash of worcs. sauce does wonders for mince of any kind!!

2 Dec, 2010


I love it on cabbage particularly Karen!

2 Dec, 2010


Sounds delicious Meanie but not being that keen on Marrow I would be tempted to make it into a shepherd pie ... :o)

3 Dec, 2010


Makes good Shepherds pie, good pasties etc.
If you go into Waitrose, they usually have a good selection of squashes - my fave is the spaghetti squash.

3 Dec, 2010

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