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By meanie


Last year I did a couple of blogs which were a collection of links to “interesting” plant photos on Flickr.
I was reminded of this whilst checking my pots and discovering that my Beserra elegans had finally started to come through.
To open, right click on the underlined text and select “open in new tab”.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do……

So first up is the plant that inspired me to do another, Beserra elegans

This next one is a stunner! I know nothing about it apart from it being called Eucrosia mirabilis

It’s hard to decide whether Pterostylis robusta is a beauty or a freak – you decide.

I’m getting into Ceropegias, and Ceropegia albisepta is one that I would love to add to my collection.

This next one is outstanding! It’s Pachypodium lamerei – Madagascar Palm

After that, The next is a lovely variant of a plant that some of us grow. Eucomis vandermerwei

Another variant of a genus that we are familiar with – Gladiolus gracilis

Ok, another freak! Dorstenia barkeria var. multiradiata

Back to reality with a genus that I’ve recently been looking at. This is Cyrtanthus ochroleucus

Last but one, Boophane disticha . Please take the time to read the photographers comment under the photo.

Finally, a flower and photo of beauty – Puya mirabilis

Hope that you enjoyed them,thanks for looking!

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I enjoyed looking at them,Meanie..I loved the Blue.Gladiolus,and the Boophane one too.amazing it survived the bush fires.but sad about the villagers nearby.
Some lovely plants..not sure about the 'freaky' ones though,The Madagascar Palm looks as though it is staring back at you ! Lol.Thanks for sharing..:o)

14 May, 2011


good blog, excellent photo's love the unusual,sad about the village but that boophane disticha is out standing....

14 May, 2011


There is a fine specimen of Pachypodium lamerei at Kew but nothing like this one! a great blog meanie...

14 May, 2011


Bloomer and Surreylad - glad that you enjoyed it! Not the usual type of blog, but I have Flickr sessions where I just click on stuff and see where it takes me. A great way to find new and interesting plants etc.

We're hoping to hit Kew in the next month or two - I'll look out for it Rbt.

14 May, 2011


Great blog, some plants i grow but more i would like to try, really interesting!

14 May, 2011


Thanks Plantaholic - Flickr is a great place to go and dream. Some of the members are fanatical about single genus's and can be surprisingly approachable.

14 May, 2011


great photos meanie and i think they are all beautifull in their own right, some are so unusual arent they, enjoyed seeing them all, thanx :o))

14 May, 2011


I like unusual Sanbaz, so I always enjoy those particularly,
Glad that you enjoyed them!

14 May, 2011


Interesting and fascinating, some very wierd lol

15 May, 2011


Glad you enjoyed them Hywel!

16 May, 2011


me and you both kieth i hate doing what everyone else does . i love unusual and all nature is beautiful in its own way even if it does seam sometimes grose to us even blue bottles and slugs etc . they all have been here long before us and will if we dont totaly ruin this amazing unusual planet will live long after . they all fit in a nieche excuse my spelling .millions of things have died out for the species we have now . humans arnt the only reasen for things dying out adapting to changing inviroment is also a large factor . if forest hadnt changed to grasslandwe would no doubt still be climbing in trees . only the strong survive . i love all them plants . my pitcher plant flowerd for the first time this year and it looks quit bland but smells lovley .if you taste at the top of the pitcher( near wear they fall in) its realy sweet to . the insects that it atracts to its flower are different to the ones it eats . how amazing is that . thanks for them therestunning mate .

16 May, 2011


There's a lot of truth there......
Pretty smart about the different flies - it would be pretty dumb to attract a pollinator one minute and then "eat" it the next!!!!

16 May, 2011


apserlutly most nature is amazing realy . snails eyes for instance . just amazing .

16 May, 2011


Check these eyes out NP!!!!

16 May, 2011


a dragon flies compound just amazing meanie great predetors .

16 May, 2011


They're so lovely that it's hard to think of them as predators though......

16 May, 2011


thats what makes them such efisiant killers excuse my spelling . they can see far better and more selectivly than us .

17 May, 2011


I know you enjoy unusual plants, and you sure have shown us some this time! Thanks, Meanie.

17 May, 2011


yes thanx meanie brilliant .

17 May, 2011


Thanks Spritz and NP!
I'm sure that you could find room for one or two of the Spritz!

17 May, 2011


With my shoe-horn at the ready? lol.

17 May, 2011


me to lol .

18 May, 2011


Spritz and NP - Sometimes we all have to execute stuff!

Seriously though - that is why I grow quite a lot in pots. When I have to make space for something new, it makes it easier to move it on to a new home. Usually Sues garden!!

18 May, 2011


well that is thedefinate bonus of pots , obviously some down sides like most things its a double edge sword . theres pros and cons to anything . i hate being told i cant do anything . sometimes theres good reasen for being told things that i have found out the hard way but at least you learn from it . on the flip side i haveangel fish actualy breeding in a tank with fish that they apparently cant be in the same tank as . theres a lot of miss - information out there . some is old wives tails and some is on purpous so people can get money out of you lol , take care bye for now .

18 May, 2011


hello meanie i hope your ok mate . i got your seeds a while back but as i do forgot who sent them and everything else lol . sorry i am quit usless . can you run bye me the name and growing etc again please and if you private message me your addy ill send you something back if you want .thank you .

14 Jun, 2011

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