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Polytunnel panic


I’ve had a wee bit of a flu these past few days and I havent done much in the garden. I did drag myself there yesterday and I’m glad I did. What is this on the Crystal Lemon cucumbers? It looks like it’s got a virus as well as me!

Im assuming this is viral. If so, I have no idea if this will affect the fruit or not. That said, I’ve picked off all the mature cucumbers and the spots dont seem to have affected the Marketmore cucumbers much (yet!).

On the plus side, my seed-grown penstemons have finally flowered. Hurrah! These were a right pain, if I do say so myself. Go me!

As you can see on the photos below, I’ve discovered that aphids can suck plant roots as well as lead stems. Well whodda thunk it? These seem to be sucking away undeterred on my parsnips. I must say, my parsnips are large and very strange looking. Im not going to win any veg contests with these, I reckon. Lets hope they taste better than they look!

I had to remove these to check them as I could tell something was off. The rest will stay until November.

You can’t tell from these photos but they are massive roots indeed!

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these last pics remind me of those screaming plants on harrypotter to stop you being petrified hehe
very good
x xx

13 Aug, 2009


i see what u mean about the harrypotter connection Moonkins.

not sure whats wrong with your cues Mebennet but mine heve just wilted the last two days.

13 Aug, 2009


I just noticed the harlequin ladybird in the third cucumber picture!

13 Aug, 2009


I'm sure parsnips will be's only skin deep!

14 Aug, 2009


Oooh! Quickly - go and find that ladybird and squish it!

14 Aug, 2009


Why Spritz? Arn't they good guys?

14 Aug, 2009


Meh Spritz, there are too many to make a difference and Im not convinced its such a big problem (the scientist in me speaking!)

14 Aug, 2009


Please tell me what you 2 are talking about???? :0(

14 Aug, 2009


fluff: harlequin ladybirds

14 Aug, 2009

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