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I'm probably the only member who doesn't have lovely photos to display but it's not for want of trying! I live on a small island in the Hebrides and to date all my efforts to transform a bare piece of land into something I can call a garden have been thwarted by winter (and summer) gales. Not to mention the sheep who are occasionally successful in their relentless campaign to gain access to some green grass and generally leave devastation in their wake. BUT... I continue to try and if anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let me have them. My priority is protection from the wind. Last year I bought windbreak and very neatly attached it around the fence. What a fool! - After the winter there are small wisps remaining! It looks like tatty bunting brought out for the Royal Wedding! This year I'm going to try ranch fencing. It's not all gloom and doom, though. What has survived is growing again, I love working outside and seeing the changes - and that makes it all worthwhile!

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