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Isn’t it difficult to resist the summer bedding in the garden centres? Years ago, I used to buy wonderful plants from a local nurseryman who steadfastly refused to sell any until June 1st! I was there (after the permitted date) with my then 4 year-old son, who earnestly asked his wife how much for one “black” pansy which had caught his fancy. She began to say that she wasn’t supposed to sell less than a whole tray (20 plants) but relented, and sold him one for 5p!

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yes that was in the day when they werent out for every last penny. I thinking its shocking that they sell bedding back in april even though they know it will die and peopel will then have to go back for more. [sorry that turned into a bit of a rant]

how lovely for your son to get his black pansy. is he still a gardener?

4 May, 2012


When I was at school one teacher was married to a forester, they sold off baby Christmas trees to us children. Mine was so small they let me have two for sixpence!

4 May, 2012


I have to resist, (sigh) I`ve got too many of my own, lol, however I do know what you mean, that is a lovely story, I bet it wouldn`t happen now...

4 May, 2012


Yes it's very tempting to buy them but I try not to do it too early because I haven't got anywhere to keep them.
Your story about buying one pansy reminded me of an old neighbour where I used to live once ..... she asked the milkman (something we don't see now) if she could buy one egg ... and he sold her one lol :D

5 May, 2012


A good friend was widdowed a couple of years ago and finds it difficult to buy one of anything......

5 May, 2012


Lovely story of the single 5p pansy :o)

5 May, 2012


When another couple of weeks have gone by, I'll be there buying up trays of this and that for my containers! I know what you mean, Pamg - my Dad died a few years ago, and Mum gets furious at the BOGOF offers - especially on veg, because she can't eat them quickly enough to make it worthwhile. The single pansy was quite poignant, because the woman at the nursery was very dour and I was a bit wary of her - not my son, though! And of course, he was right and I was wrong... He was so thrilled! You must have been very pleased with your bargain, Stickitoffee. Things like that are never really forgotten.

5 May, 2012


I must have been Melchisedec, it was a VERY long time ago!!!!

I did wonder about doing my shopping for food and planning for eating on reductions only??? trouble is i work the early shift and you need to be in the shops later to get the bargains.

i might need a dedicated freezer for soup too!! or maybe a new cupboard for jars of chutney???

5 May, 2012


The soup sounds an excellent idea, Sticki! Use up all the extra potatoes lol! My son - he of the single flower! - always buys from what he rather indelicately refers to as "the rotting shelf" but, as you say, you have to be able to shop late for the best bargains.

5 May, 2012


the rotting shelf !!!! nice name!!! but bananas in that condition are great for banana cake!!!

i really love soup, particularly home made.
carrot and orange
parsnip and bacon
roasted red pepper etc.!!!

5 May, 2012


You sometimes get really good offers....fillet steak at half price!,
Often on a wednesday they put the meat out for instant sale.....

5 May, 2012


I thought I had added a comment here - it must be floating around the ether!

I shall keep my eyes open for those offers, Pamg!

6 May, 2012


Aah, bless him, perhaps we should all take our grandchildren to the local nurseries!

7 May, 2012


Plenty of grandchildren at the garden centre in the school holidays, Rose! I wonder how many budding gardeners will be produced because they are a good place for Granny and Grandad to take children when they aren't at school?!
My children would have loved them if there had been such places when they were small. I remember reading about the new concept of a garden centre in the 60s. Now I haunt them!!!

7 May, 2012

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