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Filling containers - 2


Well – that’s one of the year’s jobs over!

I went back to the nursery this morning. I was hoping to get a tray of small-ish chrysanths, but they only had ones in 2 litre pots, so I left it. (Apparently, last year’s were from another grower – I was told they sometimes swap to help each other out – and they are not expecting any this season.) I was too late for any small violas, but got a tray of pansies. I bought a lovely fuchsia – can’t remember the name, and the label’s in the greenhouse, and it’s dark… which is in a pot on the patio, draped, near the house wall just in case. I also got some more non-stop begonias and 9 antirrhinums. Oh yes – and a trough and some plant food granules. And a pot for the fucshia. (But you wouldn’t believe what I resisted!!!)

The assistant said “See you tomorrow!” (but I don’t think she will…)

So after lunch, out came the paraphernalia and I got started.

I filled 7 hanging baskets, 4 small mangers, 3 window boxes, 2 two-tier baskets, 2 troughs, 1 flower bag and a host of pots. (Any one care to set that to music?) I also planted out the antirrhinums and some nicotiana. My husband kindly supplied the coffees. After that, I had a long, hot bath.

When I started gardening, containers provided most of the summer “colour” because the beds were mainly shrubs and weeds. Now – I do love green, and foliage greatly appeals to me, but year by year, I have added to the perennials in the garden. However, the container habit is very difficult to break, and the sight of all that promise is very exciting! I always think I have planted too sparsely, or maybe crowded some things, but usually the plants jostle for attention or fill out the space available and generally just provide an exuberant presence. Watch this space!!


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Its an expense at this time of year, makes a more interesting garden. I use a lot of containers as I have sub-standard clay soil and like to give plants the best compost containing the nutrients they need.

18 May, 2012


I start early in season with plug plants and get them planted in Mid Feb and let them grow in greenhouse.

And if need to others at this time of year then plants are bigger to buy and bigger price but I have a fantastic nursery its great to see all their wonderful plants and sometimes buying bigger you may on need 1 or 2 in a pot.

Its so theraputic.

18 May, 2012


It's exciting doing that. You can imagine the sight in store for summer.

♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ 7 hanging baskets, 4 small mangers, 3 window boxes ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

18 May, 2012


Oh thanks for that, Hywel !!!! :-)))

Containers are great for providing controlled conditions, Diane. My soil is fine really, I just used containers until I had cleared the borders! Then I was hooked on them.

My greenhouse is quite small, Scotkat - I regularly tell myself to get it sorted and start early, but I haven't managed it yet. Still there's always next year. My sister grows from seeds gathered from the garden but I don't think I'll ever be that organised. But I couldn't miss the trips to the nursery and other garden centres - I just love it!

18 May, 2012


Aye you also had sunshine, its been very grey and really cold here today although I still did a fair bit of planting out..
Thats a lot of planting filling all them, well done, also to OH for providing the drinks, you`ll have to post pics when they are in bloom, I said months ago when we weren`t getting any rain that I wasn`t going to bother this year but in view of recent conditions I changed my mind, I haven`t had to buy, I`m doing them from the hundreds I`ve grown from seed, its going to be interesting to see how they look as I`ve changed my selection this year, might regret that later, lol...
Your garden looks lovely Mel...

18 May, 2012


Thanks, Lincslass! I am in awe of your having hundreds of plants from seed! The weather wasn't bad at all yesterday, thank goodness, but grey and cool with slight occasional drizzle today (if Katarina is reading this, she'll be sighing - the English obsession!) I want a bit more rain! (sorry!) The forecast looks quite good for next week! (no rain though!) I couldn't do without my containers, I just love them!

(Too many exclamation marks!!!)

18 May, 2012

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